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Telephone Coaching Service!

Telephone/Zoom Coaching Service!

Need to ask a question? Stuck with an equine relationship problem? Not sure how to solve a behaviour problem? Need reassurance or to feel more empowered about your work with equines. Lost your confidence? Just some of the reasons to book a 50-minute telephone/zoom coaching session with Hart's Horsemanship - Ben Hart. An email is never enough you need to talk to someone who knows how to help you and your horse, donkey or mule, wherever you are in the world we can get you started back on the right track.

Due to the varied nature of behaviour, I have always found it very difficult to answer questions sent in by email with the individual content and quality of response that we feel is required. Therefore in our continued quest to provide the best possible service to equine owners and to allow people access to Harts Horsemanship in its best form (which we believe is... being able to talk direct to Ben), we are delighted to be able to offer a Telephone Coaching Service.

Harts Horsemanship offers up to 50 minute one to one telephone coaching sessions with Ben which can be pre-booked in advance via email. This service will cost £45.00, which we think not only offers great value for money in allowing you the opportunity to discuss your equine’s current behaviour issues direct with Ben in greater detail than possible in an email, but also allows you to gain an instant and more individual response to your questions in finding the causes of your horse, donkey or mule’s behaviour.

It is possible that one coaching session may be all that is required to help you along the path to having a more rewarding relationship with your equine, but you may feel that further sessions, online learning, distance coaching a home visit may be the next step for you. If you are new to Hart’s Horsemanship using this telephone service will give you the opportunity to decide whether you like what we have to say and the way in which we work prior to deciding whether to book one of our other services.

To book your TCS session with Ben please email us at with your enquire details, name telephone number and details on the best times to contact you. 

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