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Trust and confidence are the most common emotions that equine owners feel they have lost when they encounter problems with their animals. However, Trust and Confidence are not just important when trying to solve a problem. These twin pillars of horsemanship are equally crucial to the horse and human through out their involvement with each other.


Being able to trust our horses and have confidence in them allows the relationship to blossom in every thing we attempt. If a horse trusts us and has confidence in itself then they can reach their true potential.


Confidence and trust can both be lost or diminished which means that they are not of fixed levels and can therefore be rebuilt. It is possible to regain confidence after a scary incidence and it is possible to learn to trust the horse even if we have experienced their worst behaviour.


The key is to understand what Trust and Confidence are and how they can be safely rebuilt step by step. You can not make a horse trust you, but you can be the sort of human a horse can trust.


During the lecture demonstration we will learn to understand Trust and confidence. Once understood we can learn the training activities to rebuild our, or the horses Confidence and Trust.


Creating Confidence and Building Trust is an evening for anyone who has lost their confidence, for anyone who wants to ensure their youngster grows up trusting and being confident in their roles. The evening is for those people who have a horse who has behaviour problems that may be related to fear or to lack of trust in the human. The evening will help create more safety in your training and riding and will help horses reach their potential.


We will be looking at three horses with differing degrees of trust and confidence. We will allow the horses to be the teachers and show us how to allow different horses to reach their potential.  We will examine what is trust and how to create confidence in the horse. There will be lots of opportunity to ask questions.


Come along and see what walking the talk really means.


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