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God forbid that I should go to any heaven in which there are no horses.
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R. B Cunningham Graham


Elements of Horsemanship






With the pressures and demands of the modern world, consistency is something that is difficult to achieve. Time is often against us and this leads us to rush and become inconsistent. If you can be consistent and therefore reliable for your horse, your horse will act in a consistent and reliable manner for you. Our thinking creates our moods, and the pressures we face lead us to being distracted and not always fully present with our horses. As we change and act in different ways, our horses’ behaviour will reflect this change. Consistency allows our horse to understand us and creates more trust in the relationship. Today, as you reach your horses’ environment, pause for a few moments and put the rest of the world on hold. Imagine you are carefully hanging your problems and worries on the gate post before you interact with your horse. This will allow you to be fully present with your horse, creating more consistency for the short time you are with them. On the way out collect your worries from where you left them. Funny thing is, there always seems to be fewer worries to pick up than you left hanging there.

More daily thoughts for reflection and consideration like this one are available in my ebook, The Elements of Horsemanship.

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