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Gail Sheely


Need help, try distance coaching service

It can be challenging to know what to do for the best, there is so much advice and information on what you “should” be doing with your equine partner, it is easy to become confused about what is right for you both and difficult to know who to believe. My 17 years’ experience of working people and their horses has taught me you probably already know what to do, after all no one knows your horse as well as you do, you just need some help and support to find your path while you learn to trust your own instincts.

Fear of making a mistake often holds us back from finding the right steps to take, let alone then doing them when you have got so many other pressures on your time.  Getting your equine relationship where you want it to be can feel like a mountain to climb, but if you have the support and encouragement to create small safe steps that can be done at your pace and fit in with your life, then everything becomes possible.

I have always done one to one visits to help people and their horses, donkeys and mules, and I know people succeed not because of a training method but because they care for their horses, because they make a commitment to do the work that needs to be done, and they succeed because they feel supported and empowered to make the changes that lead them to a relaxed, stronger relationship. Whether it is regaining confidence, solving behaviour problems, getting back to riding, or creating a horse who can cope with domestication, the people I work with just need some support and a clear vision of what is possible and then they will fly, and for me that’s a great feeling knowing I was able to help a horse and their two legs have a better life together.

We all thoroughly enjoyed it and it was I think the most useful money we have ever spent on horse, or should I say our training!” Lorna, North Devon

So in order to help you no matter where you live I have created two distance coaching and support packages, the advantages are:

  • You save money because you don’t have to pay travel costs,
  • We can get started straight away, if you want to,
  • You can progress at your pace,
  • Progress at your pace with support when you need it to ensure your success,
  • These packages are flexible and we can build and create the programme and timing that best suits you.

“Personally we found your approach totally refreshing, no hard sell, you were completely honest,” Roz North Devon

To ensure quality of service, places are limited at any one time. 

 Or if you would like more information on the two levels of coaching available or want to change the program to fit you, either email  to discuss your individual needs.

Feel that you just need some reassurance and ideas of how to proceed, want to check what you are doing or thinking is on the right lines then perhaps a 30 minute telephone coaching session is what you are looking for, email to book a call or for more details

Best wishes


P.S Want to avoid the most common mistake in horse training then check out my latest video clip


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