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Ethics webinar recording

How to” Walk your Talk” and choose who helps you with your horse -The ethics of horse training

To watch this recording follow this link

Does the failure of so many trainers to “Walk their Talk” disappoint you? Do you want to be better able to spot people who might damage your relationship with your horse? Do you want to be sure you are following principles and Walking your Talk?  Walking the talk starts with understanding where our ethics and principles come from so we have a sound foundation from which to work and train our horses.

In this free webinar will learn:
How to evaluate and assess whether a trainer is ethical
How to identify your own principles so you have constant guidance
Why it is so easy for horse people to disagree about what’s ethical and what not
5 questions to ask in order to remain ethical yourself
10 steps to choosing a trainer or equine professional
Content of this webinar is based on a recent Walking the Talk presentation I gave for Equine Behaviour Forum.
Length 45 minutes + Q & A.

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