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Clicker Training Day Contents

The Art and Science of Clicker


Training for Horses


A positive approach to training equines


Clicker training is the most positive approach to animal training currently available. It provides a fast, effective way of increasing communication with our equines. Whether you want to remove bad behaviour, reward new ones, build confidence, improve problem solving skills, or just understand your horse better, clicker training can help.

But how does a small plastic box, bridge the gap between desired behaviour and effective positive reinforcement and in doing so greatly enhance equine-human communication? Ben Hart explains the evolution of clicker training from its use with dogs and marine animals, to its place in horsemanship, and the importance of refining its use for equines. His years of practical experience, gained all over the world, ensure that Ben will answer all the most frequently asked questions, while solving the most common problems that are experienced during clicker training.

Ben bases his approach to training on mutual trust between equine and human, using common sense and honesty to encourage people to follow their own path to training their horse. He relies on a balance of art and science to develop a long-term approach to equine training and behaviour that anyone can use, and that works with horses, donkeys or mules.


Some of the day’s contents will include:

The Science behind the art of clicker training

What are the advantages and disadvantages of clicker training?

When clicker training shouldn’t be used

The difference between clicker training dogs and horses

Adapting clicker training for use with equines and creating patience

Starting out correctly to avoid mugging and biting

How to phase out the clicker

How to remove unwanted behaviour using positive reinforcement

How clicker training fits into equine training and behaviour


Find out the facts before you make up your mind about clicker training or if you have already started, answer the questions or solve any problems you may have.


A day of practical and theory, if you have a clicker trained horse or one you are wanting to start with then ask about bringing them along to take part in the day.



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