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Readers comments on 50 Elements of Horsemanship

I  was able to download and print out the elements without any problems. It is a very comprehensive document and fantastic value for money, especially when you consider that many people buy horse magazines that cost over £3 an issue and at least 50% is adverts and the rest articles many of which are misleading, confusing, dangerous etc.

The elements are thought provoking, inspiring ,exciting and accessible to anyone who wants to begin to develop a better relationship with their horse. I have read through all of the elements and they are fascinating and provide so much to think about. Your suggestions for using the cards are excellent and I have begun to keep a journal. I have started by selecting a card at random. The first card I selected was ‘power’ and when I began to lose my confidence with Violet ‘power’ was a problem. Various people would say ‘Isn’t she powerful’, ‘look how much power she has’ etc. and comments like these contributed to my loss of confidence. The second card I selected was ‘patience’. I would have said that I had a lot of patience, teaching 4 and 5 year olds I am very patient. However when I read your chapter about patience I realised in some areas I am not patient e.g. any technical equipment that you should read instructions for – I just want it to work and have realised that I am not as patient with anything that I am not very interested in – an area to work on!

It has also been very interesting to think about the chosen element for the day and watch others with their horse and see what power, patience etc they are demonstrating. As you say much of what I am learning with working with you and horses applies to many areas of life and as a reflective teacher many of the elements I am working on will improve my teaching in the classroom, another bonus.


SM Roberts. Cornwall

The Horseman Within makes you stop and think for yourself instead of following the ‘leader’, The Shaping Plan helps you to create a path to your goal and finally The Elements of Horsemanship then help to support your development at a much deeper level enabling you to really ‘Find the Horseman Within’.

D. Stanford.

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