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John Lubbock


A Vision Of Training

In the search for the perfect relationship with their equine many humans are caught searching for the holy grail, a quick fix halter, a piece of tack that cures all problems or a magic method that communicates to the animal the requirement for total compliance to man’s every wish. It can be no surprise that the magic pill or quick fix does not truly exist and where it appears to work, the cost to the relationship with the animal is often domination and submission. This attitude is not limited just to the equine world; every sphere of life confronts us with a problem or challenge that we desire to fix with a simple, quick solution from parenting to our education through to personal development and financial success.


I believe that with equines as with life there are no short cuts. Life and its challenges can be hard, but that is where the learning and growth takes place. It is my desire to help people to learn “how to think, not teach them what to think.” People should be able to create their own unique and individual relationships with their equines, this cannot be done for them.


Some methods of horse training are limiting because they do not take into account the individual relationship between the human and equine, along side the science of learning and behaviour. I want people to find their own path, to realise that what they are seeking with their equines is there to be earned but cannot be forced or just purchased.


Honesty and truth about the time and hard work it can take to change behaviour is long over due, this truth may often be masked by horse trainers who panda to the false illusion required by a fee paying audience. It is true that a good trainer can get an equine to do whatever they require, especially if enough pressure is applied to the animal. However, I feel people are beginning to desire more than a quick fix, they realise that the trainer’s success is not brought about just by the trainer’s methods but by their skill, experience and by the equines ability to adapt and figure out what is required of them. 


I have set out to show that by knowing how to think, by understanding the laws of behaviour and learning the equine/human relationship can be advanced beyond measure.


I set out my beliefs to anyone who wishes to learn from them, I seek not to defend or justify my principles but through humble action, driven by a desire to assist the equine, prove that gentle understanding will take the human equine relationship to new heights.


The principles on which Harts Horsemanship is founded ensure the work is without the need for ego and self-proclamation. Instead I will be “walking the talk.”

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