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Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside wakes.
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C. G. Jung


Putting what we know into we do!


Equine Behaviour Day with

Ben Hart


Looking at the horse–owner relationship from both points of view

Putting what we know, into what we do!


Each of us bases our training on what we believe about how horses think and how this effects their behaviour. Understanding what the equine brain is really capable of will  transform your understanding of your horse?

This day begins by exploring the truths about equine brain and establishes the facts about learning, memory and    problem solving.

As we give our horses their own unique characters, voices, complex motives or emotions we humanise them, but is it fair or in the best interests of the horse to give them human characteristics?

What makes someone good or bad with horses and what sort of human would your equine prefer to work with?

By considering what you know about horses you can understand how best to develop our own individual relationships and solve any problems you encounter.

This day aims to explore the individual thinking, feeling and beliefs of the participants to create a synergistic day of  learning.



Some of the day’s learning will include:

How do horses think?

What makes some people good with horses and some not so good?

Does your horse have the ability to create a plan to deceive you?

Empathy, what is it? Do we need it? Where do we get it?

Where does fearfulness end or stubbornness begin?

What are the true capacities for equine learning and memory?

What sort of human would your horse choose?

What is the effect of domestication on the need for education/obedience/boundaries?

This will be an interactive discussion day with full audience participation, so if you want to challenge your thinking, explore your reasons for the relationship you have with your horse and take the opportunity to meet other like minded individuals this is the day for you.


Saturday 31st May 2008

The Wheatsheaf, Woking (in easy access of the M25, A3 and M3) Time: 9.45am for a 10am start. Finish around 4pm.


Tickets only available in advance from

using Pay Pal or send a cheque for £45 payable to ‘Learning About Animals’ Suzanne Rogers, 14 Alexandra Road, Addlestone, Surrey, KT15 2PE. Tel: 07961 996628



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