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Confidence and Trust day

Enjoy your horse time more by removing anxiety and fear, feel more relaxed and calm with more confidence and learn how to develop the trust in yourself and your horse that will enable you to achieve what you have always wanted.

Perhaps one bad experience has caused you to lose your confidence or if you find you can’t fully relax around your horse or if you are always worried about what ‘might’ happen, it is time to release these feelings by learning how to free your negative thoughts and create a plan to build trust between you and your horse.

Ben has spent 17 years working with horses and their people, using the science of behaviour to help people free themselves of worry and doubt by creating trust and confidence. Using a simple logical, horse centred approach to horsemanship that doesn’t use force or expensive equipment and focuses on long term sustainable change that anyone can achieve for themselves let Ben, Suzanne and Catherine start you on a new path to creating the relationship you always wanted.

In a warm friendly atmosphere participants will be able to relax while exploring their own individual needs and develop their own path to success without fear of judgement or criticism.


The day will include:

How to get over history by changing your story

Understanding confidence

Stop blaming yourself and take the pressure off

Accepting a lack of confidence as a positive experience

How to change your mind, and emotions

Understanding trust - how we lose it, how we get it and how to keep it

The path to trust - creating and working your plan

Dealing with “helpful others”

Understanding the two keys to success

Building your support network and getting started

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