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Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime
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How to train any horse

Do you wish you had a clear, safe and ethical set of instructions to help your equine reach their potential or overcome problems?

Here’s how you can make your training wishes a reality.

Step by step training plans available to download now!

Shaping Plans (successive approximation)

Shaping plans are detailed training plans which break down complicated behaviour in to small safe, ethical steps that are easy for the horse, donkey or mule to understand and achieve. The plan builds together to allow you to work with consistency, clarity and safety. No matter your chosen method of training, shaping plans will work for you and your equine as they fit any method of training by breaking down the required behaviour to small manageable steps which you can achieve using your chosen method. Shaping plans are the foundation of safe, ethical sustainable training that let you enjoy the learning journey with your equine.

Content of each shaping plan

Each plan contains in-depth details of general training and considerations for each unique combination of equine and human. Explanations of how to successfully use a shaping plan whatever your method of training. Details of the specific shaping plan, things to watch out for, tips, processes of training, safety and an overview of the specific training plan. The shaping plan itself, with a goal and small clear ethical steps that you can print off and use to guide your training safely to your goal. 

How much would you pay for a trainer to give you months of clear detailed training direction and help, £55-£75 -£95?

By using a shaping plan horse, donkey and mule owners find that they remove the stress of training and regain the pleasure of working with their equine.

Benefits of using a shaping plan

Increased self confidence as a trainer through knowing where you are going and what you are doing next

Your relationship improves with increased levels of trust created by being consistent and relaxed

Your safety increases with small steps leading to less risk of accident or injury

More efficient training through clarity and consistency, leading to faster training

You can easily monitor your progress as you work towards your clearly defined goal

Your horse, donkey or mule achieves the things you want them to, in a way you can both enjoy

Shaping plans for: building trust and confidence - safely handling feet- confident loading - safe confident leading - body awareness and grooming - advanced obstacles - catching with ease - calm easy vet check - handling the nervous or untouched equine - safe tying up - hosing legs - clipping with confidence - effective long lining - introduction of tack -stress free riding on roads - packs for foals - and returning to riding - even one for weight loss in humans.

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Anyone can start a journey of 1000 miles with a single step, but without a map you are going to get lost!

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