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Good teachers protect their students from their own influence.
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webinars recordings available to purchase and watch, there are limited number of places available so pleasse don't miss out.

"Become a more horse centred trainer, by learning “the one thing” that makes training easy"

Everyone one knows how to shape behaviour right? Unfortunately, in my 15 experience, not really. At least not until they understand a ..


How to become more confident, and get to where you want to go with your horse

This webinar will help you become more confident. It will teach
you how to take the pressure off ourselves by understanding that lack
of confidence might be keeping us safe and how to safely and simply start
regaining our confidence to help you enjoy your horse and get where you want to


Problems with riding out and napping? How safely tacking these problems and regain your freedom.

I hope you will be able to join me on this webinar, and give yourself
and your horse a chance to enjoy your riding again, making it safer and more pleasant
for you both.


How to have safer, calmer, more relaxed horse by increasing confidence, trust and problem solving

trust and problem solving are the foundations for having a calm, safe, happy
horse. Yet so often we don’t actually set out to teach a horse how to be
confident or how to solve problems, we just expect this to happen as we train
other things. No matter if you have a young horse or a more experienced one, if
you want to do ground work or ride out, if you want to do the best for your
horse then deliberately working to build trust, increase confidence and problem
solving will transform your horse and provide a foundation to achieve anything
you want.



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