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You cannot make a horse respect you; you can only be the sort of person a horse will respect!
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How to have a better relationship with your equine

4 Week Live online coaching course - Starting July 2020

Over the 20 years, while I have been working with equine and human behaviour, I have met so many people who just want a better relationship with their equine. Often, it is not like there is anything really wrong, although sometimes there is, people just feel something is missing, their horse, donkey or mule is just not as happy, content or connected as they would like them to be.  

Often there is a nagging thought that they aren't good enough, or aren't sure what they should be doing to have a better relationship. People want their horse, donkey or mule to be more content, to be more relaxed around them and to feel like they enjoy the company of their human.

Sometimes people tell me something is wrong because they can't do the things they should be able to do like, catch, pick up feet, lead safely or ride out. Other times they can do these things, but they just feel their horse isn't quite as content or connected as they could be.

When people don't seek help, I see their relationship slowly spiral downwards into a fog of misunderstanding, mistrust and resentment. First, the owner starts to listen to all the advice they receive from well-meaning "experts." This advice conflicts with the owners own principles, and they become more confused and frustrated as it becomes impossible to know who to believe. As conflict and confusion are reflected in their body-language their horse, donkey and mule begins to respond to this negativity and inconsistency, and the relationship breaks apart further.

These frustrated, anxious, confused animals change their behaviour and this can result in accidents as owners end up overreaching their animals and push them passed their thresholds. Sometimes the relationship ends up breaking down completely, and the situation continues to spiral downwards.

The truth is, I have seen that people know their equine partners better than anyone else. You know your equine partner better than anyone else. They, like you,  know the right thing to do, they just need permission to do it. Once they can cut themselves some slack and take the pressure off, they can view the situation without all the intense emotions. Then they are ready to develop their own plan, build their confidence.

These four weeks will help you:

Understand your relationship with your equine like never before.

Discover the keys to confidence, communication and connection.

Banish uncertainty and finally find direction you are looking for.

Learn to feel complete joy when you spend time with your equine partner, no matter what happens.

Find the gaps in your relationship and fix them forever. 

Have the relationship with your horse, donkey or mule that you are dreaming of.

A relationship is not something that can be forced or made it develops from the actions that you take and how you behave. Your horses' behaviour is a reflection of their feeling about the situation. The fact is if you can listen to their message no matter how uncomfortable it is, you should be able to build a better relationship.

My job has been to understand the unique combination of equine and human and to encourage the human to follow their own path to a more connected relationship. I see relationships blossom as people learn to think with their animal's mind.  As they work in a more empathetic way they build trust and confidence and learn to be more consistent. I don't want people to be reliant on me. I want you to become independent, so you can learn how to think rather than teach you what to think.

Even if you lack confidence or vast experience, you can still learn that your problem is not the problem you think it is. You can accept that wherever you are now is an opportunity to build a better relationship. The way you work is the solution to wanting a better relationship. When you stop forcing the issue, stop trying to fix things, you take the pressure off and enjoy the journey more. You end up with a relationship you and your equine are happy to be in.

We will explore the journey, starting with understanding where you are now and where you want to go. Identify how your mindset, language and labels will create your relationship for better or worse. How changing our language will change our relationship.

If you want a better relationship with your equine even if you don't have a specific problem, but just a feeling of something missing. Even if you have an issue that you have been trying to fix for a while, changing your focus to your relationship, should reduce the problem with less effort.

You can explore these topics with like-minded people who are in the same situation and understand what you are going through. You should be able to enjoy your equine time more and feel like they really want to be with you. If you are still stuck, having already tried different things, the fact is the relationship is a reflection of their emotional response to you. By working on understanding your relationship, you can become the person you want to be for your equine.

Whats Included?
The live online training sessions spread over 4 weeks to fit around your life, means you can learn at your pace and not be overwhelmed. The live sessions will be recorded so you can view again or catch up if you missed it from anywhere in the world.

You can submit more of your questions via the discussion group, and I will answer them on a recorded weekly video. You can chat with other participants on the live session or in the discussion group.

I will throw in some extra resources so you can choose what you want to do, and exercise for you, one for your equine and one for both of you. You can do as much or as little as you want. The materials will be downloadable, and the course will stay open for 2 weeks after the last live session.

I will drip the information in a week at a time, so you are not overwhelmed or feel the need to rush ahead.

To see what other people are saying about this course, find the dates, watch the course video or sign up  follow this link to the course page


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