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The journey of a thousand miles must begins with a single step.
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Do you want to enjoy your horse time more, free from the worry and blame you feel from a loss of confidence? Do you want that amazing feeling of being relaxed and calm around your equines? Having that glow of confidence which means you can enjoy your equine partnerships without the constant feeling of “what if this happens” is such liberating sense of achievement. It feels amazing just to be with your equine without that nagging negative little voice in the back of your mind telling you that you can’t do something. Imagine being free of the guilty feeling because you think should be doing more with your equine.  

Some trainers and experts will tell you “you just need to be more confident.” Like you didn’t know that already. But, how do you become more confident? That’s the question I will answer for you in this course, letting you build your personal escape plan, so you are free to be with your equines in any way you choose.

This 6 week live online coaching course is designed to give you even more support to change your confidence levels. So you don’t feel overwhelmed, each week I will release just that week's lessons and exercises all of which can be followed in the downloadable exercise booklet. Each Thursday evening, there will be a live online coaching session that will support the week's lessons, answer questions and explain the exercises for the next week. It will be a chance to talk through concepts and concerns and discuss your experiences in a safe space with people who understand. During the week you can ask questions and share experience via the discussion boards.


In the course, you will learn

  • How to move on and make a fresh start in your equine journey.
  • It is not confidence you lack, learning this one thing will set you free.
  • How to stop blaming yourself and take the pressure off, and smile more.
  • Why is so important to accept a lack of confidence as a positive experience
  • How to change your mind, and emotions forever.
  • Understanding trust - how we lose it, how we get it back and how to keep it.
  • Developing the path to trust - creating and working your plan.
  • Dealing with “helpful others” in a confident way
  • Understanding the two keys to success and using them
  • Building your support network and getting started!

You will leave the course with more confidence and enjoyment of your equine relationships. You will have a clear understanding of how to build your confidence, and a renewed enthusiasm to change the way you feel, even if you have tried and failed in the past to become more confident.

August 13th -Week 1- Making friends with a lack of confidence

August 20th -Week 2 -Changing your confidence story, forever

August 27th -Week 3 - Creating New Beliefs and more self-compassion

September 3rd -Week 4 -Mindset, Mindfulness, Intuition and Courage, you have them all.

September 10th -Week 5 - Finding your motivation and creating a plan that never fails

September 17th -Week 6 – Defending yourself against other people 

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Putting the horse first

In this equine centred approach to training I am going to share with you the science of behaviour, and explain how using these 6 simple principles we can simply and safely improve communication with our equines without force, pain, quick fixes or expensive equipment. Whether we want a more connected relationship, want to help our horse overcome a problem or would like to train something new safely without force in an effective way, I will give you the tools and confidence you need to follow your path to a successful and connected relationship with your horse, donkey or mule.

learn more about this course here

Overcomig fear and Anxiety by building trust, confidence and Problem Solving

Trying to be the best human you can for your equine partner is the toughest challenge most people face, we want the best for them, to help them reach their potential and to ensure they have a calm, relaxed happy life, but how? It doesn’t have to be that hard, when you learn to cut yourself some slack take the pressure off and follow a plan designed to build your horse’s confidence, improve their problem solving skills and to increase the trust you have in each other you can begin to relax and enjoy your relationship more deeply than ever before.

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Total confidence express course 

Being around equine was supposed to be fun, it is supposed to be relaxing and I firmly believe it should be after all if it’s not what is the point. In this course you will be able to relax while exploring your own individual needs and develop your own path to success without fear of judgement or criticism. 

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How to say no, setting boundaries that enhance your equine relationships

This course will help you to plan ahead of time so you can decide how you want to set boundaries, we can work together to help you decide what right for you, one of the great things about this learning opportunity is that it allows you to remain in control and decide how you want to set boundaries that enhance your relationships. I want you to feel more confident, safer and enjoy your equine time better, because if you don’t do this work what happens is you continue to feel unsure about what’s the best thing to do,

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