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New human/equine relationship e-book


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It seams to me that to talk of relationships in human terms of love is perhaps too emotional for many equine training actives and seems to give the idea of some clearly over emotional, overly sensitive horse hugger who would love their horses to love them, while allowing said horse to do whatever they want.  So relationship is a grand word but what exactly does it mean:


1 - Connection or association; the condition of being related.

2 - A way in which two or more people behave and are involved with each other


The idea of some sort of connection between two individuals brings more hope and scope to our definition of relationships. By removing any fixation of love or emotion instead we can now focus on the practical aspects of the connection between horses and humans and accept that every one has different types of relationships with these fantastic animals.


Perhaps we could envision a relationship scale where one end represents the dysfunctional and abusive relationships, through those that are working and functional and perhaps to the other end where the human considers the relationship to be spiritual, with partnership being wherever you choose to personally place it on the line. That’s the difficult thing, everyone’s scale would be different and accepting and not judging those personal scales against other peoples is important if we are to be content with our own.


Who we are spreads out from us and touches other people and animals in close proximity to us. Each of us is unique and so are each of our equine partners. Our individual natures meet when we are in a relationship but we can never become the other person or animal and they can never become us, so there is always going to be a gap between us.   


Developing a relationship by working through a series of exercises which seem mechanical and forced contrasts with our sense of natural intuition to use feel to develop our relationships. The solution is not to use the exercises to force the relationship but instead to use the exercises as a platform from which the relationship can grow in any direction. This may mean that any relationship develops to reach "divorce and separation", or to deep mutual trust and understanding, from abandonment to quality time but the relationship can only go forward and change by working together, there is no shortcut to relationship success.


Perhaps if human relationships started by working with relationship exercises rather than just relying on feel we would have happier healthier relationships and fewer divorces.


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