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You cannot make a horse respect you; you can only be the sort of person a horse will respect!
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Equine Centred Behaviour Community

When there is so much negativity around treating equines with the respect their species deserve, it can be hard just to be with your horse, donkey or mule the way you want to be. 

If you are in an environment where it is common to hear phrases like, “you have to show him who is boss” or “you can’t let them get away with that it, they are just disrespecting you.” When people on social media use statements like “she is so naughty” or “ he is just being stubborn” and you know that’s not right but you are not sure how to respond, you can start to feel confusion. You start to question who is right, you doubt yourself and question if you are the mad one.  These experiences and feelings are all part of the principle centred person’s journey to follow their path to a more equine centred relationship. 

If you can’t break out of this negative environment then you start to lose confidence and you stop enjoying your equine time. You will feel the pressure of trying to do the right things for your horse, donkey or mule because often people feel bullied or ridiculed for trying to put their equine’s emotions and welfare at the centre of everything they do. You know there is a better way to be with your equines which is not based on force, pain or ego, but finding like-minded people you can trust to share your journey is hard. 

The people I work with, tell stories of harsh treatment by peers, yard friends and trainers when they have questioned common practices. When they have stood up for the horse and said enough is enough, they have felt empowered, but isolated. 

How can you tell if you are on your own path to finding a more principle centred equine relationship? You will want to learn and improve yourself, but you want some help and guidance to know what's right ethically. However, you want to make up your mind about what's right for you and your equine. You are determined to find your path, and you want to develop the principles to do that safely and effectively.

FInd out about this amazing community and support here


So what’s included in the Equine Centre Behaviour Community with Ben

There will be a:

  • A monthly online training module. These modules are easy to follow, instructive, participatory and practical but not overwhelming. They will take you on a journey from the true nature of equines, through to the science of behaviour, practical application and human behaviour to more advanced behaviour learning.
  • A monthly live coaching session. Join in ask questions and feel connected. Gain more insight into each month’s learning. The session will be recorded for members to watch later if you can’t make the live session, or you just want to watch it again.
  • A recorded Q&A session, so members can get answers from me directly, but also other members can enjoy the benefits of other members questions.
  • An online community where members can ask questions, share progress and support each other
  • A community page, where you can personally ask me your behaviour questions.
  • Access to private content that I will share, as I create it for other sources such as conferences, eBooks, films, webinars and books, I will share here and nowhere else.
  • Free resources, webinars, video, eBooks, and articles that are relevant to learning, I have so much content to share I will add some of the most relevant to the site for you to explore, at your own free will.
  • There will be guest sessions, where I invite other quine professionals that I trust, to provide advice on their specialist areas of knowledge, such as saddlery, hoof care, behaviour, dentistry etc.
  • A member’s discount to use for new online courses.

Watch the video and learn more here 

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