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In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
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Overcome Fear and Anxiety Course

Trying to be the best human you can for your equine partner is the toughest challenge most people face, we want the best for them, to help them reach their potential and to ensure they have a calm, relaxed happy life.

Working with equines can be the most rewarding part of our day, it can also be the most dangerous and mental exhausting, when we are trying to help a horse overcome fear and anxiety. This course helps make our equine interactions safe and more enjoyable by creating focus clear direction and taking the pressure off and allowing your both to enjoy the journey.

Whether your horse, donkey or mule has problems with fear and anxiety, specific problems with dealing with scary or new situations, riding out, loading, leading this course will create the foundation to overcome these problems safely and effectively forever. 

If you have a new horse or have had recent change to your equine's lifestyle or environment this course will help you build trust and confidence while developing their ability to solve problems in a way that is safe and effective.

This course breaks down the process of gaining trust, confidence in to very small safe steps that create a training plan that will be the foundation of all your equine relationships for years to come.


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