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Reviews for Art and Science of Clicker Training


Enlightened Equitation
"A long awaited down to earth book on the successes to be had and the pitfalls to be avoided with clicker training... All the questions you ever wanted to ask."


Alternative Horse Society
"A guide that explains, clearly and practically (and it is fully illustrated with photographs showing the method in practice), the scientific basis... and how it can be most effectively used."

"Ben Hart is an expert in clicker training and his new book describes in detail how and why the principles work."
"Brings a scientific approach to the use of clicker training... Opens up new ways of being progressive with clicker training... Very enlightening."

'Horse' magazine
"Clicker training can help owners improve their relationship with their horses and overcome undesirable behavioural traits... (Ben Hart) recognises how it fits in alongside more traditional horsemanship."


The Art and Science of Clicker Training for Horses by Ben Hart.

Finally a long awaited down to earth book on the successes to be had and the pitfalls to be avoided with clicker training. The book deals in great detail with all the questions you ever wanted to ask, worrying questions such as won’t feeding treats make my horse bite too more detailed questions about why we need to view working with equines differently to working with dogs. Ben talks about the importance of the trainer learning how to break down what seem like large problems into small behaviours that are much more easily dealt with and how using shaping plans will help you achieve great results to tackle any problems you may be having in your relationship with your Horse, Donkey or Mule.
The first few chapters talk about the importance of knowing the science behind the training technique .It talks to the reader about how and why a little plastic box can communicate so much to the horse. By teaching the trainer this, not only does the trainer start to understand how the horse learns, but also begins to understand how we ourselves learn. We can then apply this knowledge to all our communications with horses no matter what the problem  and help us develop a more thorough understanding of our relationship with them.
Further on Ben goes into details about where people can go wrong with using the clicker and how to avoid falling into these traps by using it very clearly and with specific boundaries right from the start.
Ben comes across as clearly passionate for Horses, Donkeys and Mules but the honesty he has for imparting information without Ego, Showmanship or Self Congratulation is the biggest success of this book. Through his vast experience in working with equines, donkeys and mules and his large experience of teaching others to use clicker training and positive reinforcement he is able to show how much fun can be had as long as it is used in a responsible way with much fore thought.

I would highly recommend everyone either starting out on the journey or already using clicker to read the invaluable words in this book.

My  only criticism is why we had to wait so long and when is the next one ???

Rachel Holliday


Review of The Art and Science of Clicker Training Horses by Dr C. O’niell


Just finished the book. I really enjoyed it. Your respect for equines is evident on every single page.


Whether a serious competition rider or a “pet” horse owner, Ben Hart’s “The Art and Science of Clicker training for horses” has something for everyone. Centred round some of the most frequently asked questions about clicker training, this book covers everything from the science of behaviour to ‘what is the basic difference between horse, donkey and mule behaviour’.

Despite the wide range of topics covered, it was refreshing to find that this book is written in a language that is readily accessible to most readers. Ben uses numerous examples from everyday life to illustrate clearly what sometimes can be confusing definitions. Based on Ben’s extensive experience working with equines, this book illustrates what a great tool a clicker can be for teaching new behaviours or modifying “problem” behaviours. However, this book is not an A-Z of clicker training, containing multiple recipes of how to get an equine to perform specific behaviours. Rather, the book mirrors Ben’s mission to help people find their own way to good horsemanship through a solid understanding behavioural science and its practical application. The potential pitfalls of using the clicker are also pointed out which makes this book one of the most honest of its type. Throughout the book, Ben reiterates many times the fact that the clicker is not a substitute for good horsemanship but is an adjunct to it. Clicker training at its best will always be coupled with a thorough understanding of equines.

Currently there are very few books on clicker training for equines, so to say that this book is one of the best may seem a little bold. However, I am confident that this book will stand the test of time. For it gives people basic principles from which to work with their equine in a more positive way.



From L. Godfrey in Kent

I have just finished reading your new book and it was brilliant.  It was very easy to read and understand,  it covered everything that is needed if you decide to Clicker Train your horse, including how to address any problems if and when they arise.  Also the frequently asked questions about how to faze out the clicker so that you dont need to carry it with you all the time and the common problem of high arousal  whilst using clicker.

A lot of other clicker Training books I have read have convinced owners that they will be able to do all these wonderful things with their horses including lots of tricks but they have never covered the things that can go wrong whilst using this training method.  I felt your approach to this method is completly unbiased in that even though you agree it is a great tool, you also addressed the reality that things can go wrong when using it, but that this can be overcome without having to give up using it altogether.

Congratulations and look forward to your next book.


If you have read The Art and Science of Clicker Training for Horses and feel others would benefit from reading the book,  please send your reviews to me at the usual address and I will put them on the site.

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