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If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we are not really living.
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Gail Sheely


Respect Your Equine


Respect your horse’s thoughts and feelings.


Give horses choices – it helps them to make decisions.


Horses should not be expected to have better manners than humans.


Horses need help to learn.  Show them how to think rather than tell them what to think.


Horses are horses, not property.


Let them know it’s alright to make mistakes.


Listen to your horse.


Give your horse choices.


Give more positive than negative reinforments.


Show them what to do rather than tell them.


Praise your horse.


Respect your horse’s thoughts and feelings.


Encourage your horse.


Be consistent – stick to the rules you have set.


Draw your attention to your horse’s strengths rather than your weakness.


Your perception of the world may not be your horse’s.


When you ask a horse to do a job, ensure they can succeed.


Laugh with them, not at them.


Enjoy the journey, not the destination.




Redefine Leadership


Horses need good leadership – not poor dominance.

©Ben Hart

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