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Problems with riding out and napping?

~~Problems with riding out and napping? How safely tacking these problems and regain your freedom.
It can be frustrating and scary to try and ride out on a horse that doesn’t want to go, not to mention dangerous, it doesn’t have to be that way. Nor do you have to be the world’s best rider to force them through it, you just need to understand the reasons for the horse’s behaviour and then have a plan to work on.  This webinar will help you to understand the likely causes of problems and how you can work to solve these problems
On this webinar you will learn
How to access and understand the reasons for the behaviour
How to start rebuilding confidence
To include the vital aspects of generalisation and laying to your training
Why long reining is so important to success
How to use a shaping plan for returning to riding to create success

I hope you will be able to join me on this webinar, and give yourself and your horse a chance to enjoy your riding again, making it safer and more pleasant for you both.

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