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God forbid that I should go to any heaven in which there are no horses.
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R. B Cunningham Graham


Trust Confidence and Problem Solving Webinar

How to have safer, calmer, more relaxed horse by increasing their confidence, building trust between you and developing their problem solving skills.

Confidence, trust and problem solving are the foundations for having a calm, safe, happy horse. Yet so often we don’t actually set out to teach a horse how to be confident or how to solve problems, we just expect this to happen as we train other things. No matter if you have a young horse or a more experienced one, if you want to do ground work or ride out, if you want to do the best for your horse then deliberately working to build trust, increase confidence and problem solving will transform your horse and provide a foundation to achieve anything you want.

In this webinar you will learn to:
Build confidence, trust and problem solving in your equine
How to transform the horses problem solving by knowing the difference between making a horse do something and allowing them to learn
How to teach the problem solving skills your equine needs for safe domestication
How to use a specific shaping plan to build these three foundations
How to solve problems such as napping, loading, spookiness, nervousness on the road because all linked to a lack of confidence, trust and problem solving skills.
How to increase safety and trust through the process of generalisation

The recording of this webinar is now ready for viewing so if you missed it and want to learn about this important topic in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you then follow the link below


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