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Martha Grimes


10 Tips for Working with Equine Behaviour

10 Tips for Working with Equine Behaviour


Ø      Never loose your temper or your patience.


Ø      Remember a good leader doesn’t need to dominate.


Ø      Never allow yourself to be bullied by others who assume they know better.


Ø      Don’t forget, that the best piece of equipment available to you is your brain.


Ø      Make your goals achievable for you and your horse


Ø      Never punish a mistake, doing so punishes a try.


Ø      Don’t demand respect, be prepared to earn it.


Ø      Don’t bribe or trick your horse – they are smarter than that!


Ø      Always have 10 solutions to one problem, not one solution for 10 problems.


Ø      When you think you have tried everything, think again, your imagination is the only limitation.

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