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How to Say No Online Course


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The fact is, the starting place for dealing with most equine behaviour issues is working out how you are going to set boundaries. If you care about your relationship with your equine partner then how you set those boundaries will determine the quality of the relationship you have. 

The thing is, even if you are still struggling with a behaviour issue I want you to feel more confident, safer and enjoy your equine time more. It is sad when people don’t grab these easy and simple solutions and that can transform our equine partnerships. Even if you have already tried some different approaches you can still use what you will learn in this course to transform your relationship. 

You should be more relaxed and enjoying your time together. You can have a better relationship even if you are not a naturally confident person.

Over the 20 years I have been helping people and equines all over the world through workshops, clinic, home visits, books, talks and presentations it has become clear that 90% of people want help setting boundaries. For sure they call it, help with learning, solving problems, dealing with riding issues, biting, kicking, not leading, napping, being fearful or nervous the fact is you are trying to find the best most positive way help your animals learn what works and what doesn’t – AKA setting boundaries. 

If you don’t take these simple steps you will continue to feel unsure about what’s the best thing to do for the best. That lack of clarity will lead to a lack of confidence which creates uncertainty leading to inconsistency as you chop and change between other peoples notions of what's right for you and your horse. That feeling of confusion and discomfort when you interact with your horse, donkey or mule will continue to grow and you will be left with the nagging doubt that your relationship could be so much more. You don’t always want to be playing “what if” and apologising to your horse for confusion while being at the mercy of other peoples beliefs about showing your horse ”who is boss.”

People say “he is testing the boundaries” like it is a bad thing. Testing boundaries is natural. Testing boundaries is how we all learn. However, how you set boundaries with your equine is the choice you make that will determine how well your horse, donkey or mule can learn from you. 

Saying no is often imagined as being negative but it doesn’t have to be. There are positive, enhancing ways to set boundaries

You are a kind, caring person who wants to do the right thing for your equines. I know this because you are brave enough to ask if there is a better way to set these boundaries. You shouldn’t have to use more force, beat or punish your horse, donkey or mule to help them learn how to work with you. Setting safe boundaries should be done in a way that enhances your relationships.

We all have to set boundaries when we work with equines. If you have children they have to have some boundaries. There are boundaries and work and in business. There have to be some negotiable and non-negotiable boundaries. However, how often do you sit down and take the time to work out what your boundaries are what is the best way to set them? You want to enhance any relationships and avoid the conflict that saying  “no” can bring.

I want a learning pathway that fits into your busy life whatever time zone you are in. More than that I want to give you practical tools to apply the learning. This course should be relevant to you, your equine, your environment and importantly to fit with your personal beliefs. This course offers you a way to explore your own beliefs and principles and decide how you want to develop your relationship with your horse, donkey or mule on your terms.

This course will help you to plan ahead of time so you can decide how you want to set boundaries, we can work together to help you decide what right for you, one of the great things about this learning opportunity is that it allows you to remain in control and decide how you want to set boundaries that enhance your relationships

On this course you will learn:

  • Learn the 5 key elements that help you set and create boundaries
  • Understand why the best way to say no is actually by saying yes
  • Completely avoid the conflict created when you set boundaries
  • Discover your personal principles that will protect you from negative influences 
  • Avoid the most common mistake with setting boundaries 
  • Discover the power of developing your yes mindset 
  • Tailor-make the way you work to fit your beliefs and principles
  • Learn how to ask the one question, which changes everything 
  • Understand how to finally solve the most common behaviour problems forever
  • Three questions that help us solve every challenge our equine throws at us

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