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Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside wakes.
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Course description Join a growing community of equine owners who want to follow an animal centred approach to training. No ego, no hard sell, just evidence based training that we all can do and that puts the equine’s needs first.

In this equine centred approach to training Ben Hart uses the science of behaviour to explain how using these 6 simple principles we can simply and safely improve communication with our equines without force, pain, quick fixes or expensive equipment. Whether we want a more connected relationship, want to help our horse overcome a problem or would like to train something new safely without force in an effective way,

Ben will give you the tools and confidence you need to follow your path to a successful and connected relationship with your horse, donkey or mule.

  • Feel like you are the best you can be for your equine Develop clarity end confusion
  • Feel and be more confident
  • Develop clarity end confusion
  • Help them feel more relaxed
  • Enjoy your equine time more

This is the foundation of everything else, do these 6 things well and everything else gets easier. Simple steps that create more connected, understanding, empathetic humans who have better relationships with their equines .

Ben demonstrates how to use six simple behavioural elements to improve our clarity, confidence and effectiveness when working with our equine partners. In this lecture demonstration Ben will help you to clarify the myths about horse training and simplify the science of behaviour. He will empower you to feel more confident, remove your self-doubt and encourages you to trust your instincts. Ben uses his experience and humour to explore the practical application of the art and science of behaviour and how you can communicate easily and effectively with your horse by focusing more on the relationship and less on the goal.

This recording of Ben's lecture demonstration has been divided in to ten video sessions covering two and a half hours of learning with three different horses, with an added workbook to allow you to follow the course and record your specific learning and action points. Ben will demonstrate what you believe is possible, no force or pain, putting the horse first, safety, connection, enjoyment and you will feel empowered that you can do it, you can trust yourself and achieve your goals. The principles in this lecture demonstration are used to train donkeys and mules too, in fact they are a necessity if we want to train donkeys and mules safely and without engaging their instincts for self-preservation

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