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This is one of the Elements of Horsesmanship from my ebook. 



We all worry about our relationship with our horses. We worry so much sometimes that the pressure starts to give us sleepless nights and takes over our whole relationship. Worry is the fear of something that has not yet happened. Once a seed of worry is planted in our head it will grow and grow out of all proportion. As worry grows, it changes our behaviour and often we begin to paralyse ourselves to a point that we do not do anything with our horse. When we are worried about our horse we are most susceptible to the advice of people that we would not normally listen to. Our horses sense the changes in our body language and behaviour and respond to this change either by becoming more nervous, more dominant or despondent to us. Worrying is unhelpful to you and your horse so resolve to challenge your worries and chase them away. Today, write down something that is worrying you about your horse or about your relationship with your horse. List the reasons that this situation might be causing you to worry. Finally, think of possible solutions to this worry. Write down things that you can do to change the situation. Start on one of the solutions, if that does not work move to the next one so on. Being active and challenging the areas that cause worry puts you back in control and will free you to be someone your horse wants to be around.

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