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Webinar 28th May

Better, Safer, more horse centred training, by learning to do"the one thing" that makes training easier. A webinar with Ben Hart

Everyone one knows how to shape behaviour right? Unfortunately, in my 15 experience, not really. At least not until they understand a little of the science of learning. We make training steps that are to big even when we think they are using small steps, we miss important steps, we forget the generalisation phase and miss out on layering and we don’t use a written plan. Once you learn to shape behaviour you can train anything you want, safely easily and effectively based on  what your horse, donkey or mule needs.  If I was to pick one thing in training that will transform your results and your relationship then shaping would be it. This is the one thing you just have to be good at!

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How to shape behaviour brilliantly, where to start, how small are the steps.
  • How shaping well will make you more consistent and successful in your training.
  • Increase your confidence and self-reliance when training.
  • How to overcome any equine problems using a shaping plan.
  • How to combine shaping plans to reach bigger goals such as starting and restarting horses for riding.
  • What to do if you meet a problem during training.

Wednesday 28th May 7.45 for 60 minutes £9.99 please follow the link below and pay by the contacts page on the website. We will then send you the registration link for you to register for this webinar and ask the questions that you want answers to.

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