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We don't know who we are until we see what we can do.
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Martha Grimes


Am I the trainer for you?

I am for you if you want a long term solution and are prepared to look at yourself as part of the solution, and work on yourself at least as much as you do on the horse, if you want partnership and leadership and consistent direction, I am for you. If you want to have lots of questions before you have an answer, or to work to build a solid foundation that creates trust and confidence before you expect the animal to deliver the goods, if you want to question what you are doing and be empowered to follow your own path then I am for you. If you want to use more time and less pressure, if you want to break things down into really small steps that allow the animal to succeed, I am for you.


I am not for you if you want to rush, if you want to get the job done without questioning if it’s in the best interests of the animal to do it that way,


I am for you if you want to enjoy the journey if you want to have fun and laugh and want to have someone believe in you as an individual capable of achieving your goals.


I am not for you if you just want the answer to the problem rather than understanding why.


I am for you if, how your horse perceives you is more important to you than how other people perceive you. If you prepared to risk the negativity of the equine community in order to do the right thing and work with the true nature of equines. If you are prepared to look at environment, medical conditions, tack, diet, pain, yourself before you begin training,


I am not for you if supporting your ego is more important to you than the horses welfare, if you are not prepared to make yourself uncomfortable in order to learn.


I am for you if you want a simple, honest and proven approach to working with equines that’s safe, honest and sustainable and empowers you to follow your own path, to follow your own dreams and I am for you if you truly believe the statement “you never stop learning” and are prepared to feel the discomfort of applying that statement to your life.

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