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Ty Murray


Readers Comments on The Horseman Within.





The Horseman Within is fantastic!!! I hadn’t realised how important shaping and writing shaping plans are and how vital they are to so many areas of horsemanship. All of the chapters are excellent and I read one and think I am going to begin here, then read another and think I am going to begin here, every chapter is so motivating. I am going to begin with shaping and at the same time think about ‘listening with your eyes.  I think what you have written about the true nature of horses is amazing and has made me think about horses and their behaviour in such a different way. Your work inspires, supports and encourages the horse owner to enjoy their journey whilst working towards becoming a horseman. Thank you.

S Roberts. Cornwall


I have finished your book. It is really powerful reading. I am hooked. You are a really talented man, you write what you feel. I have read some of Monty Roberts work, some BHS work, but this tops it all. It is so intimate, but at the same time down to earth. You really have a way of explaining things. It is so powerful, it really makes you think about yourself, and what you are getting from life, even where to go next.


V  H  Leeds


There are many books, articles and manuals on the market to help us achieve just one goal that I believe every person who spends time with horses wants to reach.  Being a good horseman or horsewoman by achieving the ultimate relationship with horses, being able to communicate so effectively with them that you have a partnership that seems impossible to see where the horse ends and the human begins. 

None of these resources look and the building blocks that truly create this kind of relationship and none of them ever ask you to look at yourself as a human being and as a horseman.  Ben, you taken these building blocks and given them to your readers.  Finally someone has taken a look at the foundation of horsemanship and shown us how to find the horseman within ourselves empowering us to follow our own paths to true horsemanship.

The Horseman Within makes you stop and think for yourself instead of following the ‘leader’, The Shaping Plan helps you to create a path to your goal and finally The Elements of Horsemanship then help to support your development at a much deeper level enabling you to really ‘Find the Horseman Within’.

D. Stanford 

(The book contains a) lot of information! it will take me months to use the whole book. The five steps are very helpful. The book has helped me: to be more observant which a joy is, and to do new things.


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