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The Art and Science of Clicker Training For Horses

What a journey this book has taken me on so far.


I am very happy to say The Art and Science of Clicker Training, A positive approach to training equines and understanding them, is now available to order through the Hart’s Horsemanship website books page,


I have put my heart into this book and tried not only to show the truth about clicker training but also to so how behaviour and science can come together to help horses ans humans understand each other. I very much hope that it continues to help you find your own path to horsemanship.


This is a bit from the back of the book with a little idea what the book is about from the first chapter



Whether you want to remove bad behaviours, reward new ones, build confidence, improve problem solving skills or just understand your horse better, clicker training is the most positive approach to equine training currently available.


Ben Hart explains the evolution of clicker training from its use with dogs and marine animals, to its place in horsemanship, and the importance of refining its use for equines. From experience gained all over the world, Ben answers all the most frequently asked questions, while solving the most common problems that are experienced during clicker training.


The author bases his approach to training on mutual trust between equine and human, using common sense and honesty to encourage people to follow their own path to horsemanship. He skilfully balances art and science to help anyone develop a long-term approach to equine training and behaviour that works with horses, donkeys and mules.


Clear, concise and accessible, this is an indispensable guide to an effective and positive method of training equines.




1   Clicker training, what’s all the fuss about?                                                      

2   What exactly is clicker training?                                                                                     

3   Where did clicker training come from? 

4   What is the advantage of clicker training?                                                                        

5   Is clicker training for equines just like clicker training dogs?                   

6   Doesn’t using food rewards cause equines to bite?                                                      

7   Can anyone do it and with every equine?                                                                         

8   Can I use clicker training in conjunction with my other training methods?         

9   What is the difference between clicker training horses, donkeys and mules?   

10 What do I need to get started?                                                                                               

11 Do I have to use a clicker?                                                                                                      

12  How do I start clicker training?                                                                                           

13  How do I use successive approximation?                                                                        

14  Do I have to click for everything forever?                                                                        

15  What can I teach with clicker training?                                                            

16  How to can I use clicker training to solve problems?                                                  

17  Can clicker training be used for emotional development of equines?  

18  Can it be used in riding?                                                                                                        

19  What else do I need to know about clicker training?                                                   

20  What is the future of clicker training?               



Sample from the first Chapter

Clicker Training, what’s the fuss about?

The Clicker has been portrayed by some horse trainers as a magic solution to every imaginable horse problem and excitingly the method has that potential. However, this claim of infallibility is the biggest danger to the success of clicker training as an equine training method. Clicker training is often sold as an easy, quick fix and positive method through which anyone and every equine can succeed.  If only it were that simple, horses all over the world would have their lives transformed and many “behaviourists” would be happily out of business because there would be the wonderful situation of no more problem horses to “fix”.

I believe that clicker training does have the fantastic potential to transform equine training, but only if people see it works. If its use is over simplified and incorrect training causes it to be ineffective, the horse world will throw the clicker in the back of the tack box along with all the other gadgets and equipment that have failed the horse enthusiast in the last 20 years.

Clicker training has been marketed as the only 100% positive training method for equines, it has been labelled as the magic modern way to train any animal to do anything, but are these claims true? Is clicker training magic or is it just another method of training that some smart horse trainer or scientist made up in order to make money. In order to understand whether all of the claims about clicker training are realistic, we need to ask a few questions.


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