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Sometimes it is hard to overcome problems with equines, not impossible, just very hard.

The Horseman Within - £8.99

The Horseman Within

Whatever your chosen method of horsemanship these principles will help you to improve your skills as a horseman, solve problem behaviours and improve your relationships with horses, donkeys and mules.

The book contains sixteen core principles that allow you to reach your potential as a horseman. This book is not about being a horse trainer it is about becoming a horseman. If you love horses, donkeys and mules then the Horseman Within will be instrumental in helping you to reach a balanced, effective and honest relationship with your equine companions.

By increasing your understanding of how your own behaviour and beliefs affect your horse you will enhance your ability as a horseman. These principles allow you to follow your own path and reach your own destiny. Every chapter contains five steps to help you to fully develop each principle. This is not ABC of horse training, but rather a guide to helping your equines by increasing your skills and awareness of the principles of Horsemanship.

Principles include;

  • Enjoying the Journey
  • Patience
  • Listening with Your Eyes
  • Timing
  • Total Responsibility
  • Knowing Where You Are Going
  • Thinking with the Equine Brain
  • Making Mistakes
  • Listening to Your Intuition
  • Expanding the Comfort Zones
  • Seeing the Glass Half Full
  • Be Aware of Labels
  • Never Having Time
  • Shaping Behaviour
  • Love
  • Trust

These principles will increase your ability to shape behaviour, use positive reinforcement and improve your communication. Your patience will increase and you will learn to trust yourself and listen to your intuition. These principles will help you to think with an equine brain and thereby understand your horse's world. Most importantly you will be able top enjoy your journey to horsemanship.

Whatever your association with horses, whether you have an equine behaviour problem to overcome or if you just want to learn more and understand your horse better these 63 pages will improve the relationship you have with your horse forever. If you have ever wanted to understand your horse's behaviour more fully and improve your ability to communicate with your horse, the Horseman Within is for you.

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Elements of Horsemanship - 50 Enlightening thoughts for reflection and contemplation - £7.99

Elements of Horsemanship - 50 Enlightening thoughts for reflection and contemplation

The Elements of Horsemanship will help you to develop the relationship with your horse that you always wanted. Unlike other training books The Elements of Horsemanship recognises the unique nature of both you and your horse, therefore it will not tell what to do and how you should behave with your horse. You are both unique individuals who need to learn understand each other. The Elements of Horsemanship achieves this by asking you to consider the 50 elements involved in your relationship with your horse.

You cannot make a horse respect you, but you can only be the sort of person your horse will respect. You will learn not what to think but rather how to think. Whatever your method of training the Elements of Horsemanship will develop your equine relationship beyond recognition. This is a true example of learning how to think not what to think and it will benefit every equine relationship you ever have.

Elements such as Balance, Communication, Confidence, Courage, Dominance, Harmony, Fun, Leadership, Self Doubt, Truth, Power, Partnership & Vulnerability encourage you to develop your own path to horsemanship and to develop your own relationship with each equine you meet. Understanding these Elements will improve your understanding of equine behaviour. As you explore the Elements of Horsemanship you will learn to be more understanding, more patient and more accepting and you will become someone your horse wants to be with.

By choosing an element you can examine your own beliefs and understand your own motivations. Each element offers a small task that will help develop your understanding of the element and its affect on your ability to communicate with your horse.

The journey to enjoying a better relationship with horses starts with discovering yourself. These 50 elements are the beginning of finding the horseman that is within us all.

The Elements of Horsemanship provides a daily support for the lessons learnt in the Horseman Within.

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How to create and use a shaping plan - £6.99

How to create and use a shaping plan

Shaping behaviour is probably the single most important skill any equine owner can master. If you want to improve your horse's performance, remove problem behaviours or train a new one, being able to shape behaviour will transform your skill as a trainer, whatever method of training you use.

Two of the greatest problems horse owners encounter, is not knowing what to do next with their horse and by rushing their training, missing out vital elements of behaviour. By using a shaping plan both of these problems can be safely and quickly removed.

Shaping allows any problem behaviour, fear or phobia to be tackled safely and consistently. The greatest difficulty with shaping is learning to do it correctly. Most owners already accidentally shape behaviour to some degree, many of us just do not realise they are shaping. By understanding shaping and developing our ability to do it well, we transform our ability to communicate with our equines. Shaping is a vital skill that we must master in order to reach our full potential as a trainer.

These 15 pages will help you learn how to write an effective shaping plan for any training situation or behaviour by creating the right goal and by understanding where to start.

You will learn how to use the plan during training and how to start each session safely as well as how to progress from step to step. Study an example of a shaping plan for loading and use the blank shaping plan sheets to start creating your own shaping plans.

The ability to shape behaviour well is the key to good, consistent communication with our equines. Once we know how to shape behaviour training becomes easier and safer.

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The Horseman Within and How to Write and Use a Shaping Plan - £13.99

The Horseman Within and How to Write and Use a Shaping Plan

The Horseman Within and How to Create and Use a shaping plan have been combined to on e-book to save you time and money, same great content as the printed version but delivered straight to your computer ready to get you started straight away

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The Dutch Translation - The Horseman Within and How to Use a shaping plan - £13.99

The Dutch Translation - The Horseman Within and How to Use a shaping plan

I have had the pleasure of working in the Netherlands on many occasions and have loved the people and horses I meet there so have had The Horseman Within translated into Dutch for those of you in the Netherlands who want to follow your own path but would find it easier to read in your own language

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Creating the relationship you always wanted! - £13.99

Creating the relationship you always wanted!

Exercises and advice on how to get the connection you want with your horse, donkey or mule.

This e-book takes a look at the way we build our equine relationships and what affects those relationships. By better understanding the connection between ourselves and our equines we can focus on creating the relationship we have always dreamed of. This pack contains exercises for assessment of our current situation and helps us to decide what we really want. Then practical exercises to help us enjoy our equines more and a plan that builds trust and confidence in each other.

Whether you have a new horse, or a long term relationship you want to improve, this pack gives simple, safe, effective exercises that can help you remove any blocks that may be holding you back and gives you steps to develop the relationship you want. If you are having problems with the horse, donkey or mule in your life then working on your relationship first will create a strong safe, ethical foundation that will allow you to remove barriers to enjoyment, while allowing you to follow your own path to horsemanship.

Contents include

The Starting Point - Exercise 1 Where am I now.

The key points for developing a relationship with your horse

Exercises for developing the horse human relationship

Principles - Exercise 2 Define your principles

Starting with the end in mind

Exercise 3 - What do I really, really want!

Exercise 4 - What would I see?

Relationship wheels

Changing the relationship

What about if you have some specific issues with your relationship?

Five days Five insights

10 Quality time exercises that you can use to take pressure off and enjoy your horse

Building on a strong foundation

Plans for building trust and confidence


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Shaping Plans (successive approximation)

Shaping plans are detailed training plans which break down complicated behaviour in to small safe, ethical steps that are easy for the horse, donkey or mule to understand and achieve. The plan builds together to allow you to work with consistency, clarity and safety. No matter your chosen method of training, shaping plans will work for you and your equine as they fit any method of training by breaking down the required behaviour to small manageable steps which you can achieve using your chosen method. Shaping plans are the foundation of safe, ethical sustainable training that let you enjoy the learning journey with your equine. Most owners and trainers find that by using a shaping plan they lose the stress of training and regain the pleasure of working together.

Benefits of using a shaping plan

  • You can easily monitor your and your equines progress as you work towards your clearly defined goal
  • Increased self confidence as a trainer through knowing where you are going and what you are doing
  • Your relationship improves through increased levels of trust created by being consistent and relaxed
  • Your safety increases with small steps leading to less risk of accident or injury
  • More efficient training through clarity and consistency, leading to faster training
  • Your horse, donkey or mule achieves the things you want them to, in a way you can both enjoy

Content of each shaping plan

Each plan contains in-depth details of general training and considerations for each unique combination of equine and human and explanations of how to successfully use a shaping plan what ever your method of training. Details of the specific shaping plan, things to watch out for, tips, processes of training, safety and an overview of the specific training plan. The shaping plan itself, with its goal and clear steps that you can print off and use to guide your training without missing steps. [ Back to top ]

Shaping for Confidence, Trust and Problem Solving - £14.99

Shaping for Confidence, Trust and Problem Solving

Shaping for confidence, trust and problem solving; we want calm relaxed equines, who trust us, both for their sake and our safety, but also so we can rid ourselves of worry and fear and enjoy our equine partnerships to the full.

Gaining trust, is rightly, the desire of so many equine owners; it leads to greater safety and a happier relationship. However, trust has to be earnt and this plan sets out in small safe steps to show you how you can create the trust you need for a safe happy equine, whether that be on the ground or in the saddle. This plan is the foundation work for any equine and if you are starting out on a new equine partnership, no matter the age or experience of the horse, donkey or mule, this plan will guide you carefully to the safe relaxed relationship you want.

As well as a lack of trust napping, leading, spooky, nervous, leading problems, reluctance to load, bolting, reluctance to leave the herd, unpredictable behaviour and so many other problems can be traced back to a lack of confidence in both horse and human so this plan seeks to safely increase the confidence of the handler at the same time as the animal. Small safe managed steps that grow to create a horse and human partnership that is confident on the ground, or in the saddle. By working with obstacles in a way that allows the animal to learn how to solve problems with you rather than be forced to obey and working with the key principles of layering and generalisation means that this is the plan that is the gateway to new behaviour, safety and confidence for you both.

Many problems with our equines can be stem from missing these three simple foundations. Generally we expect the work and training we do to create trust and confidence and we don't often think about teaching them to solve problems, yet often without a deliberate plan to create these traits our training results in the exact opposite nervous horses or ones that don't trust us. However, with a deliberate detailed plan to create these three traits we can expect to see our horses, donkeys and mules grow in the relaxed, confident trusting partners we want.

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Shaping plan for safely handling of feet & for Farrier - £14.99

Shaping plan for safely handling of feet & for Farrier

Essential for youngsters from foals to four years and for every equine that has a problem picking up their feet or being trimmed by the farrier.

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Shaping for Safe, Confident Loading - £14.99

Shaping for Safe, Confident Loading

For safety sake this is a plan for any equine that currently doesn’t load or hasn’t tried and for those that load with reluctance.

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Shaping for Safe, Confident Leading - £14.99

Shaping for Safe, Confident Leading

Every equine needs to lead well so a plan for those that have not yet been taught to lead or those that are being re schooled due to problems these steps will create to confident leading.

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Shaping for Body Awareness and Grooming - £14.99

Shaping for Body Awareness and Grooming

This plan takes training to new levels of confidence with touch acceptance, grooming, taking their temperature, dealing with having body handled including vulnerable areas, good prep for vet, essential for all horses.

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Shaping for Advanced Obstacles - £14.99

Shaping for Advanced Obstacles

A plan for all equines to increase confidence and problem solving with noise, vehicles and movement. Vital in preparation for starting and riding out.

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Shaping for Catching with Ease and Confidence - £14.99

Shaping for Catching with Ease and Confidence

A plan for foals, yearlings and nervous animals that have never been trained to be caught or those equines of any age that have developed a catching problem.

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Shaping for safe, calm easy vet checks and treatments - £14.99

Shaping for safe, calm easy vet checks and treatments

A must for every equine that sees the vet, especially those that are fearful and a little nervous or those that have had bad experiences.

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Shaping the untouched or nervous equine for handling and calmness - £14.99

Shaping the untouched or nervous equine for handling and calmness

For foals, yearlings and very nervous animals, due to no handling or poor handling that has caused the animal to be reluctant to be touched.

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Shaping plan for safe tying up - £14.99

Shaping plan for safe tying up

To safely tie up any equine from foal upwards, even those that don’t like being tied.

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Shaping plan for hosing legs - £14.99

Shaping plan for hosing legs

For general handling, competition horses, those likely to need hosing as a result of injury, those who get muddy in winter and those nervous of water.

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Shaping for clipping with confidence - £14.99

Shaping for clipping with confidence

For any equine that is likely to be clipped either for work or as a result of illness, and for those how already don’t like being clipped.

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Shaping for safe effective long lining - £14.99

Shaping for safe effective long lining

From yearlings to old stagers, long lining builds confidence and trust while getting the animal fit vital for obstacles, prep for riding out an essential skill for every horse.

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Shaping plan for the safe introduction of tack - £14.99

Shaping plan for the safe introduction of tack

Whatever your chosen tack, the earlier the animal gets use to tack the quieter and safer it is to train later, safe steps for bridle and bit, bitless and the saddle from youngster to late starter.

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Shaping for safe confident stress free riding on roads - £14.99

Shaping for safe confident stress free riding on roads

If you are planning to ride a youngster out on the road, in a new area, with a new horse, or if you have a horse that is nervous leaving the yard or you are, is fearful on the road or generally is uncomfortable on the road.

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Shaping for foals touch acceptance leading feet and trust confidence - £44.97

Shaping for foals touch acceptance leading feet and trust confidence

This comprehensive set of plans lets you work on different area of training at the same time and include everything you need to give your foal or weaning the best start in life. Plans include touch acceptance and grooming, feet handling, leading, building trust and confidence. Training done early will pay dividends for the rest of the animal’s life. Save £14.99 Four plans for the price of 3. Months of training guidance for just £44.97

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Shaping for starting or returning to riding and riding on roads - £59.96

Shaping for starting or returning to riding and riding on roads

This pack of 5 plans gives you months on training guidance on preparation for riding and riding out on roads. This set of plans prepares your equine for starting or restarting. They cover the building of confidence, introduction of tack, long reining, dealing with more advanced obstacles and vehicles and preparation for riding on the road. Ideal not only for the young horse but for riders and equines who have lost their confidence and will benefit from going through the program to create confidence and trust and a safe riding experience. Save £14.99 - 5 plans for the price of 4. Up to 6 months of safe, confidence giving training for only £59.96

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Shaping for weight loss in Humans - £7.99

Shaping for weight loss in Humans

If you want to lose a few pounds then maybe this step by step plan that focuses not on what you can eat but rather what you believe about your food and the your belief about your self. Gentle, safe, life changing.

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Shaping plan for safely Introducing the Rider - £13.99

Shaping plan for safely Introducing the Rider

Perfect for young horses being ridden for the first time or those that are being re-backed or started after time off or problems. Building on the preparation of other shaping plans for tack, long reining and confidence building this shaping plan takes the horse through the steps to safely introducing the rider and progressing to riding out side the training area.

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Shaping plan pack for Safely Starting or Restarting - £72.00

Shaping plan pack for Safely Starting or Restarting

This collection of shaping plans is designed to help you to progress your horse either through the process of accepting the rider and riding on roads for the first time or to restart a horse that has had problems with riding or has been out of work for a long period of time. If you are sending your horse away to be ridden for the first time, by doing most of the training ourself, these plans will help them stay safe, succeed more easily and save you money on the time they are away.

You will have to use these six shaping plans in combination in order to complete the shaping process completely. I am presuming a horse that is well handled, can be caught, can lead, be groomed willingly, if this is not the case then you will have to use additional shaping plans to complete this areas before commencing these final plans. Six plans included are - Confidence and Problem solving, Long reining, Obstacles for preparation for hacking out, Acceptance of tack, Safely Introducing the rider, Preparation for riding out on roads, Save 20% on individual plans included with this pack, months of training help and guidence for just £72

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The Art and Science of Clicker Training for Horses - £13.99

The Art and Science of Clicker Training for Horses

An illustrated guide to an exciting, effective and positive method of training equines.

Whether you want to remove bad behaviours, reward new ones, build confidence, improve problem solving skills or just understand your horse better, clicker training is the most positive approach to equine training currently available.

Ben Hart explains the evolution of clicker training from its use with dogs and marine animals, to its place in horsemanship, and the importance of refining its use for equines. From experience gained all over the world, Ben answers all the most frequently asked questions, while solving the most common problems that are experienced during clicker training.

The author bases his approach to training on mutual trust between equine and human, using common sense and honesty to encourage people to follow their own path to horsemanship. He skilfully balances art and science to help anyone develop a long-term approach to equine training and behaviour that works with horses, donkeys and mules.

Clear, concise and accessible, this is an indispensable guide to an effective and positive method of training equines.


  • Introduction
  • 1. Clicker training, what's all the fuss about?
  • 2. What exactly is clicker training?
  • 3. Where did clicker training come from?
  • 4. What is the advantage of clicker training?
  • 5. Is clicker training for equines just like clicker training dogs?
  • 6. Doesn't using food rewards cause equines to bite?
  • 7. Can anyone do it and with every equine?
  • 8. Can I use clicker training in conjunction with my other training methods?
  • 9. What is the difference between clicker training horses, donkeys and mules?
  • 10. What do I need to get started?
  • 11. Do I have to use a clicker?
  • 12. How do I start clicker training?
  • 13. How do I use successive approximation?
  • 14. Do I have to click for everything forever?
  • 15. What can I teach with clicker training?
  • 16. How to can I use clicker training to solve problems?
  • 17. Can clicker training be used for emotional development of equines?
  • 18. Can it be used in riding?
  • 19. What else do I need to know about clicker training?
  • 20. What is the future of clicker training?
Sample from the first Chapter, Clicker Training, what's the fuss about?

The Clicker has been portrayed by some horse trainers as a magic solution to every imaginable horse problem and excitingly the method has that potential. However, this claim of infallibility is the biggest danger to the success of clicker training as an equine training method. Clicker training is often sold as an easy, quick fix and positive method through which anyone and every equine can succeed. If only it were that simple, horses all over the world would have their lives transformed and many "behaviourists" would be happily out of business because there would be the wonderful situation of no more problem horses to "fix".

I believe that clicker training does have the fantastic potential to transform equine training, but only if people see it works. If its use is over simplified and incorrect training causes it to be ineffective, the horse world will throw the clicker in the back of the tack box along with all the other gadgets and equipment that have failed the horse enthusiast in the last 20 years.

Clicker training has been marketed as the only 100% positive training method for equines, it has been labelled as the magic modern way to train any animal to do anything, but are these claims true? Is clicker training magic or is it just another method of training that some smart horse trainer or scientist made up in order to make money. In order to understand whether all of the claims about clicker training are realistic, we need to ask a few questions.

If you would like a personal message in the cover of your new book, please include instructions during checkout.

Publication date 8th September.

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Together in one great printed book, The Horseman Within and How to Create and Use a Shaping Plan - £14.00

Together in one great printed book, The Horseman Within and How to Create and Use a Shaping Plan

The Horseman Within and How to Create and Use a Shaping Plan have been combined in a printed version for those of you who like the feel of a real book in your hands.

These two e-books have been printed and bound together on double sided A4 to make one book that you can pick up and use when ever you want. Same great content delivered through your door not your inbox.

Pay through Pay Pal and be sure to leave you contact address for postage of your book.

UK postage and packing £2.20, Europe & North America £3.95

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Don't want to pay online?

You can pay for this new printed combined version of The Horseman Within and How to Create and Use a Shaping Plan, by sending a cheque or postal order for £11.95 made payable to B. Hart to 5 Riverview Drive, Colyton, Devon EX24 6PR.

Please ensure you enclose your address and contact details with your order and payment.

About the Author

I have spent time writing my thoughts and beliefs on some aspects of horsemanship in order to help more equines. These mini books are my beliefs on what it takes to improve the human relationship with equines. They are based on the balance of art and science and my observations and studies with my clients and many wonderful equine teachers.

Instead of a just writing a book, I have chosen this format because I believe it is most in line with my beliefs and moral values as a trainer. I want people to choose what they need and when they want to buy it. I want people to be able to budget for the cost of information and I want people to find their own path, to do this each person needs to choose what they require to help them with where they are on their journey. I hope this way you are able to take what you need to learn with a minimum of financial investment but with the maximum potential gain.

I would however urge anyone who wants to improve their relationship with their animals to read The Horseman Within. I believe who we are as a person is who we are as a trainer and that by examining ourselves we can better understand the emotional states of others. To get the best from my other ideas and writings I rely on the fact that the reader understands and has developed the principles contained in The Horseman Within. There is no magic, just learning, no ego, just honesty everyone can have a better understanding of their equine partner if they read and practise what they read.

"There are many books, articles and manuals on the market to help us achieve just one goal that I believe every person who spends time with horses wants to reach. Being a good horseman or horsewoman by achieving the ultimate relationship with horses, being able to communicate so effectively with them that you have a partnership that seems impossible to see where the horse ends and the human begins.

None of these resources look and the building blocks that truly create this kind of relationship and none of them ever ask you to look at yourself as a human being and as a horseman. Ben, you taken these building blocks and given them to your readers. Finally someone has taken a look at the foundation of horsemanship and shown us how to find the horseman within ourselves empowering us to follow our own paths to true horsemanship.

It has taken me 2 years of personal comfort zone pushing and shaping my own behaviour to finally be able to get back in the saddle. It was this book and Ben's work, that has enabled me to get back on my horse. I have finally found the piece of me that I had lost a long time ago. I was then able to create a Shaping Plan to help my horse and I achieve our potential and enjoy life together again.

The Horseman Within makes you stop and think for yourself instead of following the 'leader', The Shaping Plan helps you to create a path to your goal and finally The Elements of Horsemanship then help to support your development at a much deeper level enabling you to really 'Find the Horseman Within'.

Many other trainers out there get large followings for fantastic shows and demos and how quickly they can get a job done with a horse. Ben doesn't have that kind of ego he helps people have the confidence to be their own horseman with their own horse.

Thank you Ben for your commitment to horse and humans, I could not have come this far this fast without you."

D Stanford