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Do you want horse training that respects you, your horse, and your own approach to training while help you learn more?
Then using Harts Horsemanship services will help you discover your potential with a totally different kind of trainer

The content of all training courses is designed to balance theory of learning and the practical application of equine behaviour. Ben's skills as a trainer of people are second to none and his knowledge of equine behaviour creates a training experiences that will change the way you intact with your equines forever.

Humour and action is a big part of learning so we make all training courses interactive and fun, while delivering proven behavioural science to provide honest up to date behavioural knowledge participants can trust.

Visit the thoughts page for the training diary or contact Ben to organise your own event

Business Facilitation and Training services for animal welfare organisations please visit

Equine Training and Behaviour services for horses, donkeys and mules

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2 day Behaviour Workshops

Visit the thoughts page for the training diary
A series of 4, 2 day workshops that lead you through the elements of horse training and equine behaviour.

Designed for anyone wanting to know about the true about equine and horse behaviour and the application of the science of behaviour to training horses.

Structured to provide a balance between learning human and equine behaviour both theory and practical progressive levels of workshop develop the participants understanding of behaviour while providing the tools, skills and knowledge required to develop their own unique potential regardless of their current training methods and experience.

Through these progressive workshops you will learn to understand why horses do what they do, how they really experience the world, how to start building trust and confidence in the animal and the importance of shaping behaviour for safety and success. You will be better able to solve your equine problem and to trust yourself when it comes to working with your own horses donkeys or mules.

Details for hosting a workshop

Thinking of hosting an event or know some where locally that might be suitable? A clean space, with sufficient room for all participants to comfortably do the theory, which is safe, warm, dry with a socket for a kettle (I'll provide the tea, coffee, biscuits and sweets.) is essential to the success of the workshop.

Click here to download more details on hosting an event or contact Ben to organise your own workshop.

Home Visits for one–to–one Training, Advice and Coaching

Designed for anyone who feels one to one help is what they need to overcome problems or to really progress with your horses training.

Home visits provide equine owners with the opportunity to develop their own learning in a familiar and comfortable environment with their own equine. Home visits help owners establish the reasons for their animal's behaviour, understand how their animal thinks, the horse's individual learning style and their own role in the relationship along with creating an individual training program that will provide a safe ethical solutions to any situation.

Most owners only require one visit and if follow up visits are required it is at the owners request and timing but back up support following a visit, via email or phone is included in the service. Contact Ben to organise a home visit.

Click here to download more details on workshops and home visits

1 day Clinics – Putting theory into practise

4 different Clinics all have different themes which provide an insight in to the application of the science of behaviour.

Designed to for owners and trainers, short on time and who want to see Ben work with practical application of behaviour with different horses with less theory content

With theory and practical application running alongside each other, the object of the day is for participants to have the opportunity to see equine learning taking place right in front of them and to see how effective small safe steps can be and how easily equine learning can take place. As always, clinics are taught in a fun relaxed manner that allows all participants to ask questions with continuous general audience discussion throughout, so they can take home what they learn and apply it to their own situation.

Clinics can be run for charities, equine organisations or individual equine establishments. Contents of Clinics can be tailor made to the organiser's requirements just contact Ben with your ideas.

1 day Equine Specific Clicker Training clinics

Designed for those interested in using equine–specific clicker training and who want to use more positive reinforcement with their equines.

Not just clicker training but clicker training specifically designed for equines, from Ben's book, "The Art and Science of Clicker Training for Horses." How to get started, avoid mugging, create patience and solve problems using positive reinforcement.

Clicker training and advanced clicker training clinics can be run separately or together.

To organise a Equine Specific clicker training clinic, contact Ben.

1 day Practical learning theory Days

Designed for everyone who wants to feel more confident, understand the truth about equine behaviour and unravel the mind field of horse training currently available.

These are fun, interactive, lively educational days looking at different aspects of equine behaviour. They are run without horses, but with participation and discussion throughout provide an excellent way to learn and explore the behaviour of equines in unique way, while providing a good introduction to the work of Hart's Horsemanship. Days include "Horse Sense and Handling", "Looking at the horse human relationship from both points of view" Practical leadership series.

Great for the colder winter months stay dry and warm but keep improving your knowledge and skills to help your horse training and to prepare for a new start with your equine.

Visit the thoughts page for the training diary or contact Ben to organise your own theory day.

Click here to download more details on clinics, lecture demos and theory days

Lecture Demonstrations

These events provide an opportunity to view equine learning and behaviour. They are educational events with the aim of providing evidence of the learning abilities of equine and to show some of the basic principles of behaviour.

These demonstrations are not showmanship but about education giving a glimpse of the potential of equines when we understand the science of behaviour. Fun and entertaining as well as educational great introduction into the work of Hart's Horsemanship and to raise funds for your equine cause..

Demonstrations can be run for charities, equine organisations or individual equine establishments or individuals. Contents of demos can be tailor made to the organiser's requirements just contact Ben with your ideas.


Talks to equine clubs and organisations can range from a two-hour evening talk, to 4 hour lecture demonstration. The aim of a talk is to provide theory of the chosen topic and increase the understanding of listeners in a relaxed light-hearted and informal way. All talks are tailor made to individual requirements.

Click here to download more details on clinics, lecture demos and theory days

Equine behaviour training for animal welfare organisations, businesses and charities

If you employ staff that you feel they would benefit from learning about equine behaviour then a tailor made program can be made to suit your individual business and environment just contact Ben with your requirements.

Click here to download more details on equine behaviour training for organisations or details of hosting an event

Click here to download more details on Principle Centred Training

Facilitation for Animal Welfare Organisations

Contact Ben to discuss your requirements or visit

Click here to download more details on Facilitation and these courses

Click here to download more details on using the art and science of learning at work

Click here to download more details on presentation pitches, trainer skills, wisdom of horses and animal behaviour

Contact Ben to discuss any of your facilitation or staff training needs.