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This page contains a small collection of the comments about Ben's work. The comments on this page have been chosen to give you a feel for Ben's work and so that you can consider his work more carefully and evaluate for yourself if he does "walk the talk". The comments have also been selected to show that Ben can teach want he knows and is able to make the science of behaviour and learning available to anyone who wishes to learn.

"I was also at the workshop, and can honestly say, Ben is the first horse trainer I have ever met to be utterly egoless, completely refreshing! He makes an awful lot of sense about training horses and their behaviour, but also makes you realise just how much their behaviour is down to yourself. He really does not follow one method, but uses the science of equine behaviour mixed in with positive thought to shape training and behaviour.

Workshop Participant

"I have just attended a two day workshop run by Ben Hart and can thoroughly recommend him. A wonderful combination of behavioural science, extensive experience of horses and a wicked sense of humour; a superb combination."

Workshop Participant

"I could write so much about what I learned on Saturday but really you need to go and see him and learn for yourself, I can highly recommend this day whatever your connection with horses."

Theory Day Participant

"I have finished your book. It is really powerful reading. I am hooked. You are a really talented man, you write what you feel. I have read some of Monty Roberts work, some BHS work, but this tops it all. It is so intimate, but at the same time down to earth. You really have a way of explaining things. It is so powerful, it really makes you think about yourself, and what you are getting from life, even where to go next."


"Ben is a visiting Lecturer at the University of Chester, contributing to our animal learning theory and training module. He brings not only enormous experience as a successful trainer of horses (and their owners) but a technical understanding of horse psychology and learning theory and its application that I can only envy. He has the knack of getting across quite complex principles in an easy and gentle way that captivates and inspires his audience, whether they have a background in horses or not. Our students consistently rate his input with the highest evaluation, beating the other experienced academics and practitioners. We have now begun a research project with Ben looking into what makes horse the behaviour counselling process effective."

Dr Emma Creighton
Senior Lecturer in Animal Behaviour & Welfare
University of Chester

"If I took more pleasure in emailing I'd like to have spent a few minutes telling you about how fantastic it's been to have you teaching me at college, the course content has been just right, if I can carry on with even just a fraction of your honesty, integrity, dedication and respect for horses, people and learning I can move through life feeling a better person, thanks Ben."

Equine behaviour and Training student

"I have seen Ben working with horses and donkeys: his intuition and his experience help him tackle the most difficult cases. He treats every animal as an individual and does not try to fix problems with a singular approach. His knowledge of both theory and practice makes him a wonderful trainer and teacher."

Dr. Britta Osthaus
Lecturer in Animal Behaviour and Cognition
School of Psychology
University of Exeter

""Dearest Ben,
Mr. and Mrs. Schilderman followed the beginners course and they wrote to me:
With so much pleasure and with surprise we learned so much with the unique lessons of Ben Hart. We notice now, that we learn to understand our donkeys better and they us..."

Dutch donkey enthusiasts

"I followed the beginners and the advanced for behaviour. I practise with my horse (a failure horse in trotting races before I bought him) and two foster donkeys from Zeist. The donkeys were very shy. With the lessons from Ben Hart I am able to drive now with one of the donkeys. With the horse JOY and donkey LOTTE I make so much fun. Specially the horse is more open now and relaxed. It is a wonder!"

Donkey enthusiasts from Holland

"Ben provides a lively, vibrant and memorable training course"

"The classroom sessions were informative and made hugely entertaining by Ben's delivery style"

Brian Dalton RSPCA head of training

"I have worked with a lot of trainers and I have to say you are one of the best."

Jill Cocker

If you have experienced Ben's work and would like to add comments that others may find helpful in evaluating the work he does then please feel free to email your comments to