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God forbid that I should go to any heaven in which there are no horses.
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R. B Cunningham Graham


The work I do is to provide honest information focused on helping people understand their horses, donkeys and mules, so that they can make better decisions relating to the equine training methods they choose to use. I like to help people follow their own path and reach their own potential rather than just telling people what to do.

Ben Hart. Well what can I say. he is The only trainer that I have seen work with all sorts of different horses that has never let me down or made me think, woooh not sure about that.

I am not an equine behaviourist nor a horse whisperer but rather a trainer who uses the practical application science of behaviour and learning to deliver safe, ethical and sustainable solutions to equines and humans. Favouring positive reinforcement and shaping behaviour wherever possible, I always look for the best solution based on the unique mix of owner, equine and environment. I don't use a single method as my work is based on scientific research; my job is to translate that research into practical applications, to find the right tools for each situation.

For Ben's books on behaviour and clicker training and individual training plans visit Ben's Books.

During workshops, home visits or clinics I find individual solutions to each situation. I work with you to create the learning experience you really need by listening very carefully to what you feel you want.

He never allows his ego as a trainer to come before the welfare of the horse he is working with, he never pushes a horse beyond its limit of what is good for it, he is always happy to answer any question put to him.

Visit the services page to see the range of educational opportunities that are available

My principles and understanding of equines and teaching can be used as a compliment to other equine training methods; I do not seek to condemn other methods or ideas but rather to provoke thought based on facts, so that people can more consciously choose their own path.

Hear Ben explore the domestication of equines, the underlying purpose of all training.

I like to have fun while learning and I pride myself on always providing a quality learning experience at every learning opportunity. My educational events are a balance of practical and theory, delivered with a sense of humour and participation, while encouraging people to have fun and trust their own instincts to increase their confidence in their own skills and knowledge.

He breaks down learning into such small steps that you often leave with the feeling 'why didn't I think of that, it seems so easy'. Ben walks the walk! Not many do.

Click here for more details on Principle Centred Training

The concept of "walking the talk" establishes my desire to act in accordance with my beliefs at all times: to do what I say I am doing, and ensure that my behaviour is consistent with what I teach.

What I can get your horse to do is less important to me than what you can learn to do with your horse.

If you feel Ben could help you, or to join the mailing list for events, send an initial email from the contact page outlining what you would like help with, so we can offer the best individual solution for you

Visit the services page to see the range of educational opportunities that are available