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About Ben

Ben Hart is one of the UK's leading equine trainers, with a background in agriculture and a family history working with heavy horses. Ben has worked with horses, mules and donkeys all over the world: from mustangs and race horses in California, stock horses in Australia, and working equines in Cambodia and Ethiopia. Ben's use of the science of equine behaviour rather than a one method approach has been successful with traumatised animals at the UK's leading equine charities, and his ability to work with Human behaviour has been utilised by world leading animal welfare organisations such as WSPA, The Brooke and The Donkey Sanctuary. Ben's delivery of training is unique, ensuring an outstanding training experience that is enjoyable and life changing.

In 1996 I found an opening to what is now my vocation, equine behaviour.

Ben is also the author of several books on equine behaviour and clicker training, as well as the creator of a unique series of individual equine training plans.

Private owners, businesses, charities and welfare organisations can all benefit from Ben's understanding and unique approach to equine behavioural training.

Based in Devon, Ben travels throughout the UK (and further afield by separate arrangement).

Please contact Ben for further information

Hear Ben talk about his approach to working with equine behaviour.

My principles when working with equines

  • Work with honesty
  • Don't compromise beliefs to make money or gain clients
  • Don't compete or follow, walk my own path
  • Safety and Balance always, small safe steps ensure safe success
  • Always think with the horses' brain
  • To guide and work with, rather than demand or teach
  • No ego, not about me. Don't judge others, let people walk their own path
  • Do no harm
There are many paths and unforeseen twists in the road.

Major guiding principle

The horses' needs always come first

Click here for my personal commitments and principles

Ben talks briefly about leadership and honesty with equines.