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Doris Mortman


Clicker Training Course

Equine Specific Clicker Training

What’s the difference?

Do you want to discover the truth about clicker training and how it should be adapted specifically for equines?

3rd August Ferne Animal Sanctuary, Chard, Somerset

To reserve and pay for your space follow this link and scroll down to pay Ben - enter your details and pay anything from your deposit to the full amount and your place will be saved.Pay and reserve here

Clicker training, love it, don't understand it, not sure or hate it, the equine world is divided. If you have already started using clicker training and want to explore more advanced ideas, iron out any difficulties or solve some problems then this course will help you succeed. If you are not sure if clicker training is for you then this day can help you make your mind up.

Dogs and horses are different and need different approaches to clicker training. Come and find out the differences of Equine Specific Clicker Training, and avoid the common mistakes of clicker training, no mugging, no impatience and real problem-solving.

The truth about the use of clicker training in equines is sometimes difficult to find with so many opinions and experiences. This day provides a chance to get your questions answered and see where clicker training might be useful for you and how it links to other methods of training and equine behaviour. Make your mind up for yourself.

I have been using clicker training as a tool to help equines learn for 19 years and in that time I have learnt a great deal about why clicker training can be a great aid to equine learning or a recipe for disaster. I have seen the pow of communication and clarity it can bring and frustration and aggression it can create.

Come to this workshop and learn how to access the good stuff and avoid the problems. If it is a tool you already use or something you think you might like to try this day will give you the confidence and insight to us clicker training and positive reinforcement as a way of helping your equine learn.

Come and learn what I have learnt about clicker training from observing the equines that have used it and why I think horses, donkeys and mules need a more species-specific approach to clicker training. Equine specific clicker training avoids the frustration, creates patience and allows calm effective learning to take place.

Some of the day’s contents will include:

  • Learn to start correctly to avoid mugging and biting behaviour
  • Discover the truth about the advantages and disadvantages of clicker training?
  • How will using equine specific clicker training benefit my horse?
  • Learn when to avoid using clicker training
  • Understand when and if clicker training fits into other equine training methods
  • Create patience by using equine specific clicker training
  • How to get rid of the clicker
  • Solve your unwanted behaviour using positive reinforcement
  • Improve your relationship using the art and science of clicker training

At the end of the day, you will clarity and confidence to know if you want to use clicker training. You will have the knowledge and insight to feel that you can use CT correctly to teach new behaviours and solve problems.

The cost of all the learning and 19 years experience I will share with you, the feeling of calm clarity, knowledge and confidence that will last a lifetime is just £65 for the day. You can save your place with a £10.

There are two horse places available on this day at no additional charge. Horses have to be suitable to attend based on their experience and behaviour.

Places are limited so don't delay jump in and save your place.

To reserve and pay for your space follow this link and scroll down to pay Ben - enter your details and pay anything from your deposit to the full amount and your place will be saved. Pay and reserve your place


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