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Gail Sheely


Day 2- Six keys to problem solving

It feels lovely just to know what to do, how to approach different situations, how to deal with problems, how to teach something new and imagine the confidence of just calmly dealing with the challenges of being a good human for your horse. Imagine the calmness of knowing what to do when your horse asks a question like “why should I do that?” The relaxed enjoyment that comes from having a consistent approach also allows us to be more confident in our daily interactions. Communicating with equines doesn’t have to be complicated, stressful or even that difficult if you understand and use these 6 simple principles of learning and behaviour.

This day's contents are based on twenty years of working with the science of equine behaviour and horses, donkeys and mules around the world and observing that 80% of behaviour problems can be improved with 6 simple steps. If we can simplify the process of problem-solving then we can focus and gain clarity and insight into our equine problems.

  • This day will cover things like;
  • Assessing problems correctly.
  • How to tell your horse's learning style and why that is so important
  • The 11 foundations to domestication, Ben's formula for success.
  • How to set boundaries in a way that enhances relationships
  • Developing our schedules of reinforcement, the key to maintaining behaviour
  • How to change behaviour using positive reinforcement.
  • Is it me?

We will also explore the role of "feel" in equine communication

While attending both days will give you the greatest educational opportunities, you can attend day one or two separately is you wish or as commitments allow. You will learn how to better understand your animal’s behaviour, solve problems and enhance your current training methods. You will feel more confident, safer and more able to enjoy developing your own equine skills.

Two horse places available

Payment - reserve your place with a seasonal deposit of just £10 via Pay Pal. The total cost of day £70. Pay the rest when you want up to and including the day of the course. Follow the ticket link below and scroll down to Pay Ben section of the page to enter your name, date of course and enter the amount you want to pay and follow the PayPal process as normal.

Don't want to use PayPal then just email me for details of other ways to pay


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