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Martha Grimes


Total Confidence Express Course


Course description

Do you want to enjoy your horse time more, free from the worry and blame you feel from a loss of confidence. Do you want that amazing feeling of being relaxed and calm around your equines. Having that glow of confidence which means you can enjoy your equine partnerships without the constant feeling of “what if this happens” is such liberating sense of achievement. It feels amazing just to be with your equine without that nagging negative little voice in the back of your mind telling you that you can’t do something and imagine being free of the guilty feeling which often casts a shadow over your relationships because you should be doing more with your equine.  

Some trainers and experts will tell you “you just need to be more confident.” Like you didn’t know that already, but how do youbecome more confident? That’s the question I will answer for you in this course, letting you build your own personal escape plan so you can be free to be with your equines in any way you want.

Is all this really possible? Totally yes it is, no matter how much long you have been lacking confidence or why you lost it, I have seen many people start off from fear and lost confidence go on to transform their relationships with  themselves and their equines. It is time to release these negative feelings by learning how to free your unhelpful thoughts and create a plan to build trust between you and your equine.

I have spent 18 years working with horses and their people, using the science of behaviour to help people free themselves of worry and doubt by creating trust and confidence. Using a simple logical, horse centred approach to horsemanship that doesn’t use force or expensive equipment and focuses on long term sustainable change that anyone can achieve for themselves let me start you on a new path to creating the relationship you always wanted.

Being around equine was supposed to be fun, it is supposed to be relaxing and I firmly believe it should be after all if it’s not what is the point. In this course you will be able to relax while exploring your own individual needs and develop your own path to success without fear of judgement or criticism. I am here to help guide and facilitate your learning all you need to do if actually do the course and you will see the changes you want.

In the course these are some of the areas I will cover

  • How to get over history by changing your story
  • Understanding confidence, so it is not a mystery what you are trying to achieve
  • How to stop blaming yourself and take the pressure off, so you can smile more
  • Why it is so important to Accept a lack of confidence as a positive experience
  • How to change your mind, and emotions
  • Understanding trust - how we lose it, how we get it and how to keep it
  • Developing the path to trust - creating and working your plan
  • Dealing with “helpful others”
  • Understanding the two keys to success and using them
  • Building your support network and getting started!

You will leave the course with a clear understanding of how to build your confidence, and a renewed enthusiasm to change the way you feel.

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