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R. B Cunningham Graham


Six keys to successful equine training


Course Description 6th March  2019

Working with equine behaviour - Six keys to successful equine training clinic day 1– When it comes to communicating with our equines and helping them to reach their potential there’s so much to learn but where do you start. After 20 years of working with equine and human behaviour Ben wants to share the 6 key steps that once mastered will transform your equine relationships forever.

If you can master these 6 steps to understanding and working with equine behaviour then everything gets easier. We will explore these steps provable scientific steps in detail and show they apply to all methods, every type of training and every type of problem.

This course provides focus and clarity to enhancing your equine relationships, understanding why things go wrong and create a foundation for everything your do with your equine forever.

In this equine centred approach to training I am going to share with you the science of behaviour, and explain how using these 6 simple principles we can simply and safely improve communication with our equines without force, pain, quick fixes or expensive equipment. Whether we want a more connected relationship, want to help our horse overcome a problem or would like to train something new safely without force in an effective way, I will give you the tools and confidence you need to follow your path to a successful and connected relationship with your horse, donkey or mule.

Feel like you are the best you can be for your equine
Have a sense of confidence that your horse can feel too
Develop clarity to end confusion
Be confident when it comes to dealing with problems you are taking the right approach
Become consistent so you can become trustworthy
Help them feel more relaxed so you can relax too
Increase safety by developing the self-control to never overreach your horse

Enjoy your equine time more
This is the foundation of everything else, do these 6 things well and everything else gets easier. Simple steps that create more connected, understanding, empathetic humans who have better relationships with their equines

You know the relationship you want with your equine, the calm, relaxed one, where you do things together, mutually respecting each other, but ensuring they and you reach their potential, whatever that may be. You also probably put pressure on yourself to be perfect for them so you can have the perfect partnership. There are always those questions nagging around the back of our minds about am I doing the right thing for my horse? How do I teach them to…? How can I help them overcome…? What is the right way to…? There is also the almost constant questioning of who we are, and are we good enough? Are we doing enough with our horse? Are they happy? On and on we go, why? We do this because we care, we want to be the best human we can be for our equines but have we lost the sense of joy and fun we wanted when we started out?

There is also the paralysis so many equine owners now feel with so many different opinions on how you should be with your horse, donkey or mule. Trainers, internet forums, yard experts, well-meaning friends and horse whisperers to name but a few, don’t get me wrong there is some good advice, but much like finding a prince you might have to kiss a few frogs first to find what you need. With all of this information, we tend to become stuck with whom to believe what and what we should do for the best.

What about the personal accusations that you are being too soft on him/her, that can cause you to question your role and relationship, the rubbish advice you have to endure such as “you must show them who is boss!” Incorrect assumptions like he is just taking the mickey or being naughty, How do you tell right from fiction, personal opinion from fact? How do you determine your relationship? Won’t it be nice to have the answer to those challenges?

It feels lovely just to know what to do, how to approach different situations, how to deal with problems, how to teach something new and imagine the confidence of just calmly dealing with the challenges of being a good human for your horse. Imagine the calmness of knowing what to do when your horse asks a question like “why should I do that?” The relaxed enjoyment that comes from having a consistent approach also allows us to be more confident in our daily interactions. Communicating with equines doesn’t have to be complicated, stressful or even that difficult if you understand and use these 6 simple principles of learning and behaviour.


Day two will follow on from this course on the 6th April. That day will cover things like the 11 foundations to domestication, how to tell your horses learning style and developing our schedules of reinforcement as well the role of feeling in equine communication. While attending both days will give you the greatest educational opportunities, you can attend day one or two separately is you wish or as commitments allow.

Two horse places available

Payment - reserve your place with a seasonal deposit of just £10 via Pay Pal. The total cost of day £70. Pay the rest when you want up to and including the day of the course. Follow the ticket link below and scroll down to Pay Ben section of the page to enter your name, date of course and enter the amount you want to pay and follow the PayPal process as normal.
Don't want to use PayPal then just email me for details of other ways to pay.

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