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Events 2019

Hart’s Horsemanship events dairy 2019.

Spectator places - I don't offer spectator spaces on courses. All events are fully participatory,  I want all participants to be involved as much as they want and to ask questions and learn in a way that suits them. I don't charge extra for equine places as these are our teachers and we have a great fortune to learn from them. Equine places are limited to ensure there is time to give the animals the time they need to settle into the environment before we attempt any training. Participants places are limited to suit course content and ensure everyone gives the time they need to learn. 

6th July 6 steps understanding equine behaviour problem-solving day 

Working with equine behaviour - Six keys to successful equine training clinic day 1– When it comes to communicating with our equines and helping them to reach their potential there’s so much to learn but where do you start. After 20 years of working with equine and human behaviour Ben wants to share the 6 key steps that once mastered will transform your equine relationships forever.

If you can master these 6 steps to understanding and working with equine behaviour then everything gets easier. We will explore these steps in detail and how they apply to all methods, every type of training and every type of problem.

For further details, bookings and payment methods
Claire Hare 01757 638925
Cost of the day - £60

3rd August   Equine specific Clicker training  Ferne Animal Sanctuary, Chard 

learn more and links to reserve your place click here

7th September  Wales email if you want more details about this donkey day is south wales

5th October Brand new  Course Ferne Animal Sanctuary, Chard details to follow

16th November NI Donkey Day

30th November







Online courses learning opportunites in your own home whenever you want 




If you can find what you are looking for in your area, email and ask for details on organising your own event

Ferne Animal Sanctuary, Chard, Somerset, TA20 3DH

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