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Gail Sheely


Events 2018

Hart’s Horsemanship events dairy 2018

24 November 

Inside Your Horse’s Mind!


Solve problems safely and transform your relationship with your horse by learning how they really think.


Why do they do that? How can I get them to understand?  Sometimes it can be difficult to understand what’s going on inside your horse’s head. During this day you will learn how your horse perceives their world, allowing you to understand their motivation for doing what they do.

By understanding how equine learning really works and how to apply this to your equines, you can stay safe, solve behaviour issues you encounter and have a happier horse. A greater understanding of behaviour leads participants to feel more confident, safer and to develop their own equine skills. 

By understanding the horse’s true abilities and limitations you will confidently choose the best training approach to suit you and your horse. Combining the art and science of behaviour to provide a true understanding of equine behaviour and learning. You will learn how to better understand your animal’s behaviour and enjoy a more fulfilling relationship with your equine, solve problems and enhance their current training methods.

Some of the day’s learning will include:


How equine learning and memory effects the way we train

Thinking with the equine mind to unlock your horse’s potential

What is the best thing to do when my horse….?

Using the true nature of equines to solve behaviour issues

Understanding the horses’ senses to change the way we deal with problems

Is your horse really just taking the mickey? Or just telling you something

How to work so that you stay safe, and create confidence always

Confidently decide what’s right for you and your horse

Have the right answers to statements like “ he’s just trying to be dominant”


10.00- 3.30,

Conference Centre, Brackenholme Business Park Brackenholme, Selby,

North Yorkshire, YO8 6EL


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If you can find what you are looking for in your area, email and ask for details on organising your own event

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