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The great cowboys are the ones with the biggest hearts.
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Ty Murray


How to Say No Online Course

This course will help you to plan ahead of time so you can decide how you want to set boundaries, we can work together to help you decide what right for you, the great this about this learning opportunity is that it allows you to remain in control and decide how you want to set boundaries that enhance your relationships.  I want you to feel more confident, safer and enjoy your equine time better, because if you don’t do this work what happens is you continue to feel unsure about what’s the best thing to do, that lack of clarity will lead to a lack of confidence which creates uncertainty leading to inconsistency as you chop and change between other people ideas, so that feeling of confusion and discomfort when you interact with your horse, donkey or mule continues and the relationship slowly dies, rather than being relaxed and enjoying your time together you are always playing what if and apologising to your horse while being at the mercy of other people’s beliefs about showing your horse” who is boss”

Because this course is only going to be at this low introductory rate for 30 days, before we evaluate it, I would ask you to do one small thing right now please, don’t hesitate or promise to do it later, it might not get done, it takes less than 4 minutes in total to find this link to watch the short video on the content of the course so you will have the facts you need to decide if you want to join others who care enough about their equine partners to set boundaries in a way that enhances the relationship rather than destroy 


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