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Total Confidence Course

Ben Hart’s Total Confidence Express Day

Let’s work together to release your true potential and create a confident new you, in a supportive, friendly environment.

Enjoy your horse time more by removing anxiety and fear, feel more relaxed and calmer with more confidence and learn how to develop the trust in yourself and your horse that you to achieve what you have always wanted.
Perhaps one bad experience has caused you to lose your confidence or if you find you can’t fully relax around your horse or if you are always worried about what ‘might’ happen. Maybe you are just getting older and becoming more aware of the dangers, or maybe a new horse has caused you to question your abilities. Well, it is time to remove these unhelpful feelings by learning how to free your negative thoughts and create your own plan to build trust between you and your horse.

You will learn
How to get over past experiences by changing your story.
Making friends with fear and understanding confidence.
How to stop blaming yourself and cut yourself some slack, excellence not perfection.
Why accepting a lack of confidence as a positive experience changes everything.
How to change your mind and emotions, and get back on top.
Understanding trust how we lose it, how we get it, how to keep it.
The path to trust - creating and working your recovery plan.
Dealing with “helpful others” and overcoming peer pressure.
Understanding the two keys to success.
Building your support network and getting started

Amberwood Stables, School Road

SP5 2BY Nomansland

90 mins from Yeovil, Horsham & Swindon

70 minutes from Weymouth, Guilford and Reading
10 minutes from M27

A full day of fun learning, high quality empowering training, plus follow up support for only £70
There are a limited number of places available so please book early to avoid disappointment. places available

Payment - reserve your place with a seasonal deposit of just £10 via Pay Pal. The total cost of day £70. Pay the rest when you want up to and including the day of the course. Follow the ticket link below and scroll down to Pay Ben section of the page to enter your name, date of course and enter the amount you want to pay and follow the PayPal process as normal.
Don't want to use PayPal then just email me for details of other ways to pay.

Pay at contacts page scroll down to pay Ben

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